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On Wednesday, members of Santee's city council will ask city staff to come up with new regulations that would allow chickens to run free on residential properties.

The discussion was first broached by Mayor Randy Voepel during a June 8 council meeting. However during that meeting, Voepel was unable to drum up support from his colleagues.

Now, one month later, Santee city councilmember Jack Dale has decided to join the Mayor and the flock of residents looking to add chickens to residential zoning codes.

Dale proposes staff to come up with an ordinance that regulates chicken keeping. Potential regulations may include restricting the number of chickens, prohibiting roosters from joining the roost, confining the chickens to backyards, and keeping them from nearby residential property lines.


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Buckthecluck Aug. 9, 2011 @ 8:41 p.m.

I am currently a resident of Santee Calif. I have lived here for 17 years. I am permanently handicapped and have to deal with my neighbor's chickens at different hours during the day starting as early as 6:30 to &:00 a.m. Due to being in severe pain daily and being on numerous medications I often times am up most of the night or will only be asleep for a couple hours at one time. I often will retreat to the back room to allow my husband to continue with his sleep. I have however, had to deal with the chickens which get started with mayber if your luck a 5-7 minute span in between their ridiculous "clucking"! It is both annoying and bothersome to myself as well as my adjoining neighbors. We have up until recently had one neighbor dealing with it and since his complaints have seemed to fall on deaf ears as a whole we have decided to join his tiresome crusade to rid our neighbor hood of these bothersome poultry.
Our neighbor has gone to city council meetings, called the police "who advised him to get other neighbors who are also bothered involved"! The owner of the chickens has tried numerous tactics to keep his chickens instead of "relinquishing them" which he was ordered to do by a judge. He has tried to use several reasons for being albe to retain his "bothersome brood" instead of complying with orders to do just the opposite. There area zoning laws in place which does not allow one to posess such pets or farm animals. Instead of complying with this ordinance he has done everything he can to ignore the fact that he is "blatently breaking the law's"! He want's to change the zoning laws and has got a few people to side with them many of which have commented that chicken's do not make noise! This is absolutely ridiculous, I can attest to the fact that they absolutely do make noise and are extreemly bothersome. Now Mayor Randy Voepel and city councilman Jack Dale want to try to change the zoning laws in this case. I feel that there is something not right with this whole situation. No Santee residents have been made aware of this with the exception of a small handfull. I feel that this should be brought before the 50,000 plus voters to decide whether they want to allow this to happen. I am of the opinion that if brought before the voters the answer would not be what this neighbor and the city council would want to hear. Why is this situation being handled in a hush, hush manner insteading of doing the afore mentioned. Signed "One angry and sleepless resident" of Santee.


Visduh Aug. 11, 2011 @ 10:12 a.m.

It would seem that much of the distress being suffered by "Buckthecluck" is due to too many of the birds and likely not keeping them corralled. Any rational city regulation of chicken keeping would "include restricting the number of chickens, prohibiting roosters from joining the roost, confining the chickens to backyards, and keeping them from nearby residential property lines." When we kept chickens, they had a pen and spent the night in it. They were out during the day, in the backyard only. We had one next door neighbor who was unaware of them for many years. I never heard any complaints from the other neighbors. Personally, I'd rather deal with some clucking chickens that I would a neglected and ignored dog that barks at every little noise or disturbance. That's what can be really hard to deal with, and guess what? There are few attempts to regulate dogs or keep them quiet.


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