we laughed...laughed like there was no tomorrow...but then my breasts are easy to laugh at

i make everyone wear the 3.5 reader glasses when looking at them to enhance their proclivity

proclivity..er...um..is that the right word?

we were discussing my biopsy recently done for breast cancer...those ultra tiny little dots that hadn't grown that Kaiser only wanted to follow every six months but Scan wanted to charge Medicare the big bucks for

i thought Brenda would spew and cover me with her morning coffee when i told her i'd told the Radiology Tech that to remove those tiny dots would leave me with no breast at all on that side

i'd hammered her with all my usual jokes...if you take my breast and have to rebuild it will you please make it bigger and then do the other one too....then since i'd had the robot biopsy i quipped that only a highly technical well programmed android could find my breast at all

when it comes to MY breasts Joan River couldn't be more self deprecating

i wasn't worried when i had that biopsy two years ago...but when Brenda told me five weeks ago that she had to have a biopsy on her breast a small red flag went up in my mind

they had found two suspicious areas in her right breast and a lymph node was suspicious too

i'm not one to get unreasonably worried...so i put on my game face and told her i'd gladly take all non cancerous tissue from her more then ample breast to increase the size of mine...and we were laughing again

laughing is such good medicine but as we all know Breast Cancer is no laughing matter

Brenda had a big wedding to attend in Alaska....the plans were made and the tickets to fly there were already purchased...we talked about whether or not the trip should be cancelled...her mother had purchased the ticket...and she didn't want to tell her mother about it or be a downer at the wedding

the biopsy couldn't be done until Medical agreed to waive her co-pay ($900) so i said "just go Brenda....you've been looking forward to this for months!"

a week later she was too busy to have coffee as she sat nearly constantly on the phone weeding her way thru all the red tape bureaucratic bullsh*t to

waive the Medical fee

find a $100 to see a surgeon

find a surgeon who would take Medi-Gap

find an Oncologist who would waive his $100 fee

find an Oncologist who would take Medi-Gap

get a surgical date that wasn't to long away if the worst were to occur and she had the big C

Obamacare where are you when Brenda needs you?!!

well Brenda has Cancer...it's stage 2 and she's seen all the doctors now...no surgical date has been set...she doesn't know if she's going to lose the whole breast or not

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month...and i've become acutely aware

my friend will soon be taking those first few steps to recovery....and in November i will again be walking/running the Susan B Komen 5K Race for the Cure

for the first time i'll actually have someone to run for

i guess we haven't been racing fast enough....haven't found that way to leave Breast Cancer far far behind...unhappily i've found that where my sweet wonderful neighbor is concerned Cancer has found another victim....she had a clear mammogram a little more then a year ago and then Cancer this year...

when will it ever stop i'm thinking...more and more women are getting it every year

until it does we'll keep running and i'll keep having mammograms on my pipsqueak breasts and hoping

the cure is just a few steps away


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Ruth Newell Oct. 7, 2011 @ 7:01 p.m.

Mm, what a story. Blessings on Brenda and Blessings on our collective ta ta's!


nan shartel Oct. 7, 2011 @ 8:26 p.m.

thx Roody...i hate this wretched woman mostly disease...i also hate the fact that having faith... good intentions and throwing money from various events at it for all these years hasn't worked...


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