Yes people, a new bill has already been put into motion for every citizen to pay 25 cents at the grocery store for each plastic bag that you take home.

People i am serious. this is the most outrageous thing i have ever heard. first off the plastic bags are made out of recycled plastic and i (and a lot of people i know) recycle my plasticks like crazy. i use them for everything.

so in return our state, cali, would like us all to use the "hemp" bags. so everyone has to go buy tons of hemp bags to carry our groceries in. i personally dont watn all these bags istting in my car takeing up space junt in case i want to go to buy some food. i dont know about you all but i like to buy food twice a month. so when i go i buy a lot.

i talked to a guy that works for a major grocery store and he said that the plastic bags cost them under 2 cents. so the profit that they make from the bags have to be sent to the state under a certain tax. yes...just another tax...blah blah blah. i think it is all about control people.

what are your thoughts? i would really like to know other San Diegians opionions..............

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Jane Belanger June 26, 2008 @ 12:44 p.m.

I'm all for the 25-cent "tax" on plastic bags. It pains me to no end when the gallon of milk I'm buying is double-bagged. The gallon of milk comes with a built-in handle! Anything that comes with a handle shouldn't be bagged. Imposing this "tax" will cause people to think twice about how many bags they take home with them.

I encourage you to take part in a beach cleanup, or head out to the Miramar landfill one day. The number of plastic bags there is ridiculous. Plastic bags take HUNDREDS of years to decompose. So even if you reuse them, this decomposition problem still exists.

You can complain all you want about how much space a canvas bag in your car takes up, but think about how much space all those plastic bags in the oceans and landfills are taking up.

So, yes, it is about control. Control over the amount of nonbiodegrable toxic plastics we're putting into our oceans and landfills.


kimberlyshae July 1, 2008 @ 7:39 a.m.

i think i have every right to complain when it comes to this matter because everyone know recycle their bags. we all use them for many different purposes. we also use them for gardening. i think there should be more awarness but i dotn think that they should empose everyone is california. we do not need another tax. do you realize how much taxes we pay and we are still billions in debt in this state. Plastic bags are just another excuse for the "environmentalist" to complain.


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