Everyone is dif·fer·ent… and it makes this human necessity to work in groups sound complicated, and dysfunctional, but it isn’t. An individual needs both, alienation from society and assimilation into it. If rather than focusing on our differences we took the time to evaluate beauty, and give a fair value to people’s potential in life, capacity to love in the world, and overall intention to create progress, we would not waste our time labeling them. Because all of us need to be loved: praised for our virtues, not just be hated for our flaws. All of us need to be pushed, thrown into some kind of normality, reminded that we are fine- that others have failed where we have failed, that stops on the way to success do not mean we are not making progress. And that life is not perfect- that from time to time we all hit a few bumps on the road.

And it is because of this social and psychological theory, it is because of this need to be both myself and at the same time part of the whole, that the most interesting part of my life is the part I do not understand. Because in life for the most part, I have seen both: good and evil. But because today is a different day, and because I choose to live life always looking out for that which is good, trying to someday have a better future, my present is not today, but tomorrow. The most beautiful people I have met are those that have shown me beauty in its various forms. And yes, I could spend a lifetime chasing after the crowd, knowing I am never going to be fully part of it, knowing I am as I know, not as I am told, because this whole life time spent chasing after it I would never be able to regret. In the end this same individualism making me run after it, is what will make me hold that love for myself, for who I am in that moment, regardless. Because the essence that has driven me there, although still incomplete, will lead me in life towards perfection, towards that perfect half of myself, also part of the whole, following the crowd, but as me an individual, standing out.

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Ruth Newell July 1, 2012 @ 6:09 p.m.

Yes! Now here I was, almost ready to quite and move on to another article when midway I read the word I had been looking for: "I". Loved, Loved this last paragraph because it's a tiny peek into who you are. And, after all, that's all we are here...peeping Thomasita's. Seeking answers to our own quandaries in the written lives of others. As the old writer's adage goes, don't tell us, show us. :)


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