(Note: I will periodically post my creative writing here. They will be in various stages from raw to edited.)

Dorm Denizens By Donna P. Crilly

When we place a nickel with a shoe sack, we carve ounces into garrisons. I caught a box and whisker plot in a saltine cracker. That's a toe-tucker.

Let's fritz to spoon country and bamboozle nightgown tickets, Charlie Brown. As lava looses bleach, an errand lights a thousand fluffy kittens. Just don't catch the tooth fairy. She might diamond eye.

Four sheets a day times radish equals pineapple vodka. No more monkey juicing. It's a blind medicine cabinet in a pickle jar; like a loss of power when you're a time jingle. Don't do it.

Where again is once ago?


richzombie July 9, 2012 @ 3:19 p.m.

i like this ! going to have to read this one a few times ...


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