So, a couple of weekends ago I went to see the costumes that Zandra Rhodes, a designer, had made for Aida, an opera. Knowing how influential she was in the 1970's-London-Vivienne Westwood scene, I was so excited! I made business cards for my blog (never know who you'll run into these days) and even wrote out an interview. Once I got back from swim practice, it was all hectic from there. I hopped out of the shower with one dilemma: what to wear? This was not little event, I was going to see Zandra Rhodes, for goodness sake! A few months, back I woke up early to get a few pieces of the Rodarte for Target collection, so naturally that was the choice for the evening. The details? A mohair bolero ( Rodarte for Target), a vintage shirt, mustard color 70's inspired skirt (Rodarte for Target) and my trusty brown riding boots (I don't ride, though). Back to the story, once I was at the Antheneum Music Library, I saw THE pink hair. I said to myself, "that's her!" My heart started beating fast, for my celebrities are designers. She was wearing won of her own scarves, a floor-length tinsel dress, and huge red platforms. I just wanted to run up to her and have a deep coversation on fashion. But, there was a road block. Why did she want to talk to a thirteen-year-old girl, when she could talk to the rich, old La Jollans. I have yet to find a reason, too. The room was buzzing with the sound of society voices, doing the usual "Yes, dear. I have not seen you in ages! Come here, I must give you a hug!" thing. I managed to get past some of those folks and actually see the costumes. The opera takes place in Egypt, so naturally there was lots of gold. I got real close to them and just looked at all of the work that had gone into them. From the straw detailing, to the embroidery on the head pieces. I was really quite happy. Then, I decided, "You know what? You've got to just charge forward and talk to her!" When I did, I was quite nervous but it was great. I told her how much I loved her work (she must have been so bored of that line by the end of the night) and how wonderful the costumes would look on the singers. I even got a picture with her! So, that was the evening. I never did get my interview. I felt like she had better things to do than to answer a few of my questions. Courage, Emma, courage! Thanks for listening to another one of my posts, I really thank all of you for your comments. xoxo Emma


MsGrant April 20, 2010 @ 10:29 a.m.

Be bold, Emma!! Find out who her publicist is, and approach him/her and say you want to interview her for your blog. Have a list of sample questions, and be sure if you e-mail to include a link to your blog. I think you will be suprised - most people in the fashion world would think it was really cool that you are so well-versed in their world at such a young age.


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