Hey Kids,

As my introductory blog, I will try to keep this short and sweet...a who, what, why sort of deal so if you happen to stumble blindly upon my blogging territory (because honestly, I don't expect many to purposefully seek out this out...yet!), you'll at least learn the purpose and substance of its existence.

I could explain my sudden urge to blog as an expression of my journalistic passion and aspirations, which in a desperate attempt kind of way it is, but really, I was lured in by the promise of a cash prize and a semi-legitimate excuse to procrastinate at work. When I am "doing my job", I often find myself either examining my split ends or browsing longingly at facebook photo albums of people I barely know but are still in college and party on Thursday nights...sad! So to avoid that creeper FB scenario...I am blogging, which makes me officially, a ginormous dork. Whatevs, I'll wave my geek flag proudly.

So pretty much covered the why, so onto the who. Well, I'm a chick and young dammit, at 22, which I'm going to mention as many times as I can because I will only be 22 for a few more months and for some reason 22 sounds so much younger than 23 so yes, 22 years of age, a mere 1 year of living older than the sweetness of 21, yep 22, still a perky spring chickadee. I'm from BOSTON, another factoid I will incessantly press upon anyone still reading, because BOSTON is the 'dirtier word for poop'-blogmaster dislikes swears (and that's not an original thought, I have a T-shirt that says so) as are all BOSTON sports teams (again this is not out of my own beliefs, but empirical fact) and clam chowda, don't hate. But it gets not so warm in BOSTON, really its one downfall, so here I am thawing out in sunny S.D. And, it looks like I'm going to have to wrap things up for now because my mom just called in hysterics asking if I'm joining a cult..bless her soul,she doesn't know how to email and she thinks text messages are a form of physical assault, so I doubt she knows what a blog is. Anywho, I live with three other chicks (yes they're hott, no we don't shower together, except on the weekends after we've handed out sandwiches and pitchers of beer to all the men in our neighborhood). So pretty much this will be about our lives. Names will be changed. Less out of courtesy for my friends' privacy and more for the pleasure derived from renaming them...if you know of any good stripper names, I'm open to suggestions. P.S- I am WELL aware my spelling and grammar sucks and as an English major they probably should be not so sucky but, there is no room for “Proper English” nazis’ here. I can go to Mr. Ramsden, my eighth grade teacher for that but, may he rest in peace, just because he is currently unavailable does not mean he needs a substitute! Otherwise, commentary is cool.

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