"We forgive by releasing all resentment, anger and bitterness and thus set ourselves free from the negative feelings that weaken us. First we have to get past blame. Then we have to learn to send love to all." ~Dr Wayne W. Dyer.

Boy do we get mad! When we get cut off in traffic, receive an avoidable expense or maybe read something in an article that really gets us rattled, that dastardly anger comes on with a flash. All the energy that comes along with our temporary loss of mind just makes us want to do something, and do it now, lash out, teach em' a lesson, make it known we are not happy! Ah, but therein lies the problem, this anger has now been unleashed, and devilishly, it whisks our time right out from under our very noses; losing our happiness is its job, and its good at it. But what if we were to funnel a small amount of anger energy over to the other side? Save some time off the length of the loss of mind, and increase it daily, so eventually, our disposition would be a cheerier one. Once the positive outweighs the negative, the creation of the future becomes something we can have a say in and we can now start to guide it.

Closely entwined with the destructive time wasting anger, is doubt. When we see something that has made us angry, doubt emerges quickly telling us not to believe anything coming from the other side, keeping our minds small, and more underused that they already have been. In this state, new ideas are frowned upon, the mind has been tricked to think that this is all there is, when in contrast, there is an unlimited amount, too much for us to use in this small allotment of time given to us. When we start to see how much valuable time we waste out of 24 hours on something which isn't even real, we then can use those priceless moments of sanity and clear headiness to our benefit, and to the growth of ourselves. Even a fraction of a moment which can be salvaged from anger, and all the other various vices which we are riddled with, can now be multiplied, increasing our positive outlook, and reaching our goals and success.

Now that we have learned to free up our time and minds, we need something to do, for soon enough, the devil will play with idle hands. Learning is a great mind expander, and with the aid of the enlightening Internet, the answers to our questions and devil doubts are now at our fingertips. More projects can be started, business can be conducted, and more research with an open mind allows us to work more on ourselves and eventually to help others. When successful living is attained, why not show our fellow villagers the way too? Only when we are consciously practicing mindfulness on a daily moment to moment basis, do we get healthier, and more loving. We should constantly remind ourselves, that, “Above all, Love all” is an ancient dictate.

With every new learning experience comes expansion, not only in our minds, but biologically, with our immediate circle of friends growing too. When we show success to others, success in turn comes to us too, we start to meet more like minded people. Some we will emulate, and some who will emulate us. Our infinitesimally small orbit grows larger. We know for a fact the only thing constant is change, our cells are dying and created everyday, our hair grows, why then, cannot we change our positions in life similarly, and use it to create the future of our choice?

A big exhale always helped me when I became angry in my youth. The pitcher would go for my head, and I would go for the mound, but then I started to breath and let it out. I came to understand anger, and all its cohorts are not really good for us. Putting aside more time gleaned from the seconds that were previously held captive by the vices instilled in us, will give us an insight on time management, and how to use this precious commodity wisely. The first step is intention, and when we intend to be a certain way, we will. We can be successful in life also, after all, we are all in this together, be kind...


anniej Sept. 12, 2012 @ 8:41 p.m.

Thank You, this was excellent. i will try to keep your words in mind next time i attend a sweetwater board meeting - i am being serious.


maria52 Oct. 1, 2012 @ 11:53 a.m.

wow, i was just thinking about this thing called anger this morning, and the time wasted on it, and how could I channel it elsewhere? my thoughts were kinda amorphous...thank you for clarifying what my thoughts were struggling to make sense of. Beautiful, wise words.


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