Ladies and Gentlemen, The San Diego Chargers:

Lonesome looser
It turns out I was wrong.  The Chargers are not an elite team that has had a bad run.  They are a bunch of Lonesome Losers that have been masquerading as an elite team for a season and a haf.

And there is plenty of blame to go around:

The offensive line, the defensive line, the secondary and, sadly the quarterback are all to blame.

So to are those who coach them, the general manager who micro manages them and the idiot who owns them.

I have been a fan since Air Coryel days and it took me thirty two years to figure out that we didn't win a Super Bowl then and we won't win a Super Bowl now.

It is time for the San Diego Chargers to trade Dean Spanos who knows less about football than any owner in the history of professional sports.  Someone must break the spell that A. J. Smith has cast on the Spoanos Family -- a spell that has them thinking that Smith can pick talent.

No the only thing A. J. Smith can do is trade away talent. Junior Seau got his ring elsewhere, ditto Rodney Harrison, Drew Brees and I'd go on but I have already cried enough tears over this team.

I have cried gold and blue until year thirty two.  Today I quit giving a flying facisimile of funk about the San Diego Chargers, the mistakes, the lack of depth, the egos and the departures. 


San Diego Chargers, I break with thee, I break with thee, I break with thee.  The dog poop for your shoes will arrive shortly.

I hate you and every thing you stand for.  I wasted the best years of my life.  I will never get any of it back.  Next year, I will follow whomever wins the Super Bowl this year.

Except the Patriots. I hate the Patriots.  And the Packers.  And..

Oh, hell!


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