It seems that the Village Woods Owner's Association is an Old Boys Network, They have alienated the owners so completely and so well that no one reads much less responds to anything they send via the mail.

This is most likely because letters are usually sternly-worded affairs about a plant that doesn't fit the color scheme, a bike tire that's not pumped to the proper pressure or a sign that extols the virtues of the First Amendment placed "illegally"

From Village Woods Fun Party
on the bulletin board.

Or, worse, the letter is a summons to a hearing. A hearing! Who wants to be heard by the Little Dictator and her retinue of... feminine hygiene accessories?

I don't. I also want madly to be on the board and have been asking to be appointed to the one vacancy since January. It turns out that the only way the board of directors can add members is by appointment because no one votes. Well, cats and kittens, that is about to change!

Announcing... wait for it...

From Village Woods Fun Party
Candidate Kevin Six! The Village Woods Fun Party Candidate.

My campaign begins with a get-out-the vote effort, which is difficult because no one actually knows when the elections are... No matter. I will sally forth with my grass-roots campaign - even though my grass is not of the pedigree and style approved by the board in their ridiculous rules statement.

No matter that everyone thinks I;m a crank, or a clown or worse - a feminine hygiene accessory. I will get myself on that board and watch the fecal matter come into contact with the fan! I will put an end to:

Inquisition-like tactics to keep owners in fear The culture of anti-socialism on the board and staff Back door deals Kick-Backs Real and perceived conflicts of interest And dopes


From Village Woods Fun Party
Remember to put the poster in your window ans wait for your letter from the Inquisition. It's going to be a cruel, cruel summer, kids!


dresgto April 24, 2015 @ 9:35 a.m.

A good starting point would be for you to freshen up on the Convenants, Conditions & Restrictions for "The Village Woods". I believe that each community has elections on their Annual Meeting (that's when you can submit your request to join the Board of Directors), I could be wrong...but I'm pretty sure :) Also, you mentioned that the Homeowners do not respond to any mailings that the HOA sends it even possible for you to know that? lol. Just curious? Not sure you have my vote Mr. Six. lol. Oh, and that feminine hygiene accesory thing was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh this morning.


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