My name is Kevin Six. I am the one who wrote the blog about the Village Woods in which I compared the condo complex to Nazi Germany and the president of the Village Woods Owners' Association to Adolph Hitler.

To my credit, I did not provide the picture of Hitler in Bunny Ears; to my shame, I wish I had.

A number of people wrote to or called the San Diego Reader to express their feelings about that blog and apologies are in order. My associating Village Woods and the head Woodies to Nazi Germany and their Chancellor brought up feelings in real people who had real experiences with the Third Reich and it was insensitive to place my pitiful plight alongside theirs. So for that, I am truly sorry.

While I am apologizing, I should also apologize to the members of the board of the Village Woods Owners' Association for jumping to the conclusion that they are out of touch, tightly wound and focused on minutiae without having met them first. So for that, I am truly sorry.

It wasn't until Wednesday, February 24, 2011 that I actually went to a Village Woods board meeting and found the people who ran the complex to be out of touch, tightly wound and focused on minutiae.

I want to apologize to Hitler for comparing him to such un-dynamic people but that would be wrong. Besides, Hitler had it coming.

But what regime can I rightly (and politically correctly) compare to Village Woods? Let's see.. one that has small-minded leaders; one with rampant abuse of power; one where the leadership cares little for human dignity, emotion and freedoms...

So I guess you can pick your Middle Eastern country, Village Woodies. Can you see how that kind of leadership has gone down with the people on whom these leaders have bestowed their power? No, put down the 95-page agenda of action items (I wish I was kidding about this); take your mind off of the four "hearings" you call association members to each month; take your mind off not hearing the most important of complaints - those to do with safety - and look at what happens to leaders who are out of touch.

"You say you want a revolution? Well, you know, we all want to change the world" -John Lennon

I just want to change the world into a happier, safer place. I just have an odd way of showing it. What I want is to feel safe coming and going from my condo. To have a board of directors who doesn't call people into hearings about barking dogs and illegal drop ceilings but helps them solve problems. To have a property manager who says "how can we help" instead of "drug dealing and murder aren't against the rules; they are a police matter."

Yes? So? The police tell me that community complaints are handled first. Sorry, police, I can't get my community to take focus off humiliating people for their dogs and construction projects. Can't, though I’ve tried. Don't actually belong to a community, just a bunch of petty people bitching about other people's petty problems.

This is why I founded the Village Woods Fun Party. To find a group of people who care about people. I'm going to keep sounding off about the Middle Easters-esque leadership until the revolution happens.

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Kevin Six

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