softly now the light of day rises behind the San Diego skyline in joyus abundance of pumkin orange and deep sea blue enfused seperated like oil and water

we may talk of love in a cottage what spiteful chance steals unawares it is true that you say the gods are more use to you than fairies the lighting flashed, and lifted

a bird sang and soared by my windows they rise each day to watch the blue wave curl and break calm as that second summer i am in love with high far-seeing places out of me unworthy and unknown these be canyons that call to me rythms unknown

daughters of time into the silent land I walked my mother twines me pain my sorrow, when she’s not here with me perhaps it dosent matter so I let that go to, into foggy rolls of incoming grey form

along a river-side by a small bone fire watch the night fill with specks of white i do not pray for peace nor ease in your arms was still delight

look out upon the stars, my love I am there looking too shades of night were falling fast to the morning light do you think, my love, when i put my arms around you my soul goes clad in gorgeous things? because I do

up to her chamber window a blue-black nubian plucking oranges and siging to my muse let us express our baser passions from our hidden places there was never a sound beside the forest but one under dusky laurel leaf the two making love

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