Riverside County California:

Has the County Sheriffs Department Changed since 2007?

The recent shooting of a cuffed teen has shocked many County Residents not only by the way it happened but the amount of similar existing instances that have occurred prior.

  1. Man hogtied and tasered Dies.

  2. Man Executed at a Murietta Bar

  3. Teen executed while cuffed

And the list goes on. It is apparent in reading many comments that most comments that approve of the above killings are by way of law enforcement related comments. as I continue to read I notice that most descent Humans disapprove of these brutal killings. So I ask what type of psychological issues do these sick people have when commenting things like " Thug Meets Slug" or this "Gang Member was a P.O.S." I am convinced that every time a Law Enforcement Agency (Riverside County California) Makes an Error that they themselves comment Positive on the topic, in order to Fool or stir many in the wrong direction, something many say they are good at doing! I have yet met any Riverside County Sheriff Deputy Apologise for a Mistake, Does this mean they are perfect?

The comments left, also lead me to believe that Gang members are being targeted and or executed?

Im sure and confident If the federal Government started Subpoenaing the I.P Addresses to the comments being made that they would indeed find Officers Involved in posting many un-ethical comments, These are the types of Officers that need to be removed from the force, Their beliefs scare me as a County Resident knowing that they do not operate under the color of law.

The Teen that was killed while cuffed was innocent until proven guilty, no matter how you feel about it, that still remains Fact! Whether he was pre judged or not remains to be in question.

I close this story in saying this:

I hear that the teen was a gang member, but not once have I heard of any crimes that he allegedly committed! Yet the great narration of the Riverside County Sheriffs were so quick to point out that he was a Gang Member. So what is his past history? WAS IT VIOLENT? or was he caught holding a bag of skittles?

What shocks me is that the arresting officer, the one whom put the cuffs on the teen was not in fear of being shot by his detainee, yet the officer allowed for another Officer make a decision in killing his detained subject. That officer did nothing to protect his subject.

This is my Opinion and should be construed as one.

See story here: http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/01/01/16281676-handcuffed-california-teen-shot-while-in-police-custody#comments


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