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Lee Coulter is about to embark on a 55-city tour, but locals can catch him tonight with his frequent brother-from-another-mother Michael Tiernan, performing a 7:30 set at the Belly Up.


The pair first met up in 2004, while Tiernan was hosting a songwriter’s Open Mic at Cosmos Café in La Mesa and an acoustic Aussie, new to San Diego and with blue guitar in hand, began his set. “From the first chord of the first song he played, I knew Lee was different,” says Tiernan. “I remember thinking ‘This dude has it.’ At a time when everyone wanted to be John Mayer, here comes this Australian dude with the accent, singing a full-on dancey, hip-hoppish tune called ‘Booty Voodoo,’ soloing on guitar.” The two soon became friends and collaborators.

According to Coulter, “Michael and I are both sorta weird in the fact that we’ve never really had any illusions about the music industry, becoming a quick rock star or rolling in cash after a hit song or getting magically famous thru a label. Both of us are in it for the long run.”

Tiernan notes that “Even though our music is pretty different, both of us have this view of our roles in the world not only as artists who are driven to make it in the music world, but we’re both family men. We love our ladies, and we both have young kids. We’ve encouraged each other along the way when it’s gotten rough, and we’ve been tempted to ditch the music and get a ‘real’ job.”

“Lee pretty much amazes me, how much he’s willing to sacrifice, how much his family works together to support his goal. He’s gone from homeless daddy-vagabond sleeping on couches one night, to getting fully pimped out hotel rooms in Hollywood the next night, whatever the gig calls for!”


About to tour (with his wife and son in tow) behind his newest full-length Mr. Positivity, Coulter has received increasing exposure over the past two years on Sirius/XM’s Coffee House channel, which named him “Songwriter Discovery of the Year 2011.”

Tiernan says he’s focusing on getting music placed into TV as well as building a boutique music service for weddings and corporate events. Songs from his fourth studio album L.A. Can Wait have been featured on MTV to the Discovery Network.

Says Coulter, “I’m doing the touring thing, and Tiernan is focusing more on Southern California and the TV thing. But both of us are passionate about contributing to the world through what we hope is the positive impact of our music.”

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