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Skid Roper: “I think it was in 1987, Mojo Nixon and I were playing at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco on a bill with Camper Van Beethoven and Ten Foot Faces. It was a packed house and right in the middle of our set, Mojo hands me his plugged-in guitar and says he has to pee and then runs off backstage! All alone on that large stage, I looked out at a thousand eager faces and started playing “Ripple,” the old Grateful Dead tune. "If my words did glow - with the gold of sunshine...” Soon, I noticed tie-dyed hippie bodies swaying back and forth and more and more lighters were flickering all over in the darkened crowd as they started singing along. I wanted to yell out that I was just kidding but I also wanted to get to the pretty minor chord bridge/chorus and the "Ripple on still water" part. Luckily, not too long after that, Mojo came back on stage freshly relieved and we went on with the regular duo set.”

Stevie Harris / The Styletones: “My name is Steve Harris, which is also the name of Iron Maidens bassist. So I had an acoustic show at San Francisco State University. I walk out on stage and the first two rows are filled with metal heads who look at me like I killed somebody. They get up and walk out. At least 12 of them, they were bummed for sure.”

CC / Little Hurricane: “At Lollapalooza in Chicago there was a guy holding a gigantic sign that said "CC, you kissed me in Encinitas!" It was really funny, and somewhat distracting because the entire set he kept trying to get my attention. I don't think the people behind him were too happy, but it’s something that really made me laugh.”

Vanja James: “One time when I was singing with Cash'd Out, I was off stage and it was time for me to run back on for the finale because they had just called my name. I was clear on the other side of the venue and ran as fast as I could. I failed to realize there was a drink on the floor and heel of my shoe ended up in the glass and I proceeded to take the most epic stage fall of my life with about 500 people watching. To make the matter worse when I got up, my heel was totally stuck in the skirt of my dress. I just smiled, laughed it off, and thought to myself "I'm glad those years of ice skating taught me how to fall."

Mishey Touchie / The Touchies: “ Well, the strangest thing to happen to me on stage, happened without me even knowing about it. My old band Happy Endings and I were playing a gig at a coffee shop that use to be across from SDSU. It was a daytime show and I was a little bummed because only about 10 to 15 people showed up. So because of that I wanted to play a short set and really didn't put my heart into the show. Well after we played we walked outside and Ben Folds was sitting outside. He had just done a soundcheck for X-Fest nearby and he could totally hear us from where he was standing. I felt like playing the show again. Like "this is how we really sound when I'm not being a primadonna because only 10 people showed up". So there's a lesson learned: always play your best, cause you never know who's listening.”

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