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Andrew Caddick's latest album under the moniker Jeans Wilder is kind of a bum-out, in a good way.

The album, Totally, a dark and brooding take on sunny surf music, was given a 6.3 rating out of a possible 10 in a July 6 review which appeared on indie-music site, Pitchfork.

Writer Steven Hyden had some good and not-so-good things to say about Jeans Wilder's latest record.

The good; Caddick found and further refined a new aspect on 60's surf rock, one of the latest fads in indie-music. Instead of sunny songs about stoners, Coddick embraced the darkness, making songs that call to the beach stragglers, those shuffling down the beach dressed in jeans, staring at the sand, head pressed down from the weight of the world.

The bad; well, at times the record was a bit too dark for the sake of being dark.

"When Caddick manages to hit upon a solid melody or two, he can't be content with presenting beauty at face value. "Dog Years" could've potentially been his "Surfer Girl" moment, but he pours salt water on the melody and turns it into a coughing cacophony of fucked-up feeling. It's an effective evocation of a mood that Caddick is obsessed with conjuring throughout Totally, though this self-defeatism also results in a record that comes up short in overall form and substance. Caddick has shown us the seamy underbelly of beach culture; now he has to find a way to make it as alluring as the fantasy on the flipside," read the review from Pitchfork writer, Steven Hyden.

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