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Stage Kids are six dudes from Mira Mesa (including two pairs of brothers) who like to brew beer, have known each other forever, and have been jamming together for just about as long.

“The name Stage Kids came from our time at Mira Mesa High,” says guitarist Eric Walters. “Our group of friends hung out on the stage, so everyone referred to us as the stage kids. When we started playing shows without a name, we just kept using the name people knew us by.”

With roots in high school hardcore and jam bands, Stage Kids range in age from 19 to 24 and play calculated, instrumental math equations a la Sleeping People steeped in an electronic, narrative post-rock sound more in line with Tortoise circa Standards.

Equally adroit in angular polyrhythms (a drummer since the age of nine, Jonathan De Jesus’s background in orchestra and drum line is evinced by articulate, assertive traps), electronic beats, and programmed bass (check out the Headless Tribe Volume 1), Stage Kids also draw elements from hip hop and jazz, finding a kindred flavor locally with WITT, TONS, Misc. Ailments, Omegum Flegum, and the now defunct Fever Sleeves.

Don't be surprised to see these guys garnering more praise in the blogosphere as they branch out to play beyond San Diego venues.

Stream and download (free) Stage Kids’ Killer Tofu (September, 2011), or see them live on February 18 at The Stage Bar and Grill in the Gaslamp.

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