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In the middle of what will likely be remembered as an historic multi-state blackout, man of a thousand bands Rob Crow and his lady Victoria welcomed eight pound, thirteen ounce Scout Ozma Crow into the (darkened) world!

"My third child, and first to be born in a hospital," Crow posted online. "You'd think that'd make things easier? Nay!"

"On the way to the hospital, I remarked how everyone seemed to be driving like they were fleeing a zombie attack. When we got there, I couldn't help but think this was going to be like a long plane flight. It was kind of both. It was like a flight in that, halfway through labor, all the lights went out and everyone freaked, and everything took about 5 hours longer than it should."

The room was, for at least awhile, lit only by Crow's iPad. "After a dramatic delivery, everything's pretty much cool now. I went out into Hillcrest to try to get some food, and that's when the zombie attack part came again. No one could get food or water, and one half of the hospital had to move over to the the half with working emergency powered air."

"I found a restaurant using gas wok cooking by fading sunlight. The docs were jealous."


Local musician Ed Cormier at http://www.facebook.com/Cormier.Ed spent part of the blackout attempting to take photographs. "I live a block North from where these pictures were taken, it was like a party atmosphere on Adams Avenue. I got bored of listening to the radio news on the front porch. Very glad I got out."


Geezer guy Zach Goode reports his September 8 blackout experience as "totally surreal. I finally tired of reading alone by candlelight and decided to venture out to Rosie's to see if they were open."

"I parked my car and literally the moment I crossed the street, all the power came back on along Adams Avenue, and the crowd burst into applause. I felt pretty Jesus-y. And then I walk in and my tourmates Murrugann and Lady Borgia are cold kickin' it. Talk about synchronicity."

Mishey Touchie of the Touchies told the Reader "I thought the power was only out at my house, so there I am flipping breakers for five minutes. After a while I gave up and decided to go to the beach. I had to stop for gas by the house, but when I did the attendant told me the power was out, and the pumps were not working. So since I was on fumes I decided to go to the liquor store, buy two fortys and a bag of ice, and go back home."

"By time I got home, Stanze Touchie was there, playing his fender strat with his little battery powered Rouge amp. We went outside, he played guitar, and I ran through the sprinkler with my dog to keep us both cool. Then when it got dark it was still hot in the house so we put blankets in the truck bed, and watched the stars for a while, then watched an old Oasis DVD on the laptop."

"So, basically, it was just a normal night."

No word yet on where local hard rockers Blackout Party were when the lights went out...


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