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"We asked Tron what the idea behind the pig imagery and blood was about and the response is that it is meant to symbolize government corruption in Mexico,” says Bobby Bray aka DJ Freak Sauce, who curates the experimental/dance/punk monthly Makeout Weird with Heather Brosche (or Monsterpussy, if you prefer).

“In light of the Occupy Wall Street movement which has gone global, it is the perfect time for Tron to air some freaky grievances this side of the border."

Previously a quirky Mexicali grindcore three piece, Sauce says Tron’s set on Thursday will be a solo swine performance. That’ll look something like this:

“The Night Rocker (also a solo act) uses layered vinyl and live percussion,” Sauce says. “He also decorated the front room of The Whistle Stop with his personally selected found art and a few pieces by Jason Lane (of Crash Worship) which have never been on displayed.”

Raul and Monsterpussy will be spinning electro-house and punk with odd interludes from Freak Sauce to facilitate facesuck.

Show up at 8 for the vegan potluck before porking out.

Free – Every Third Thursday

The Whistle Stop – South Park - 2236 Fern Street

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