As the sun slowly sets over the western sky the breeze refreshes the sleeply warm air. The cottonwood's leaves sound as though a thousand people are clapping so softly. They pause and repeat again the softness of the air. The air is void of smells except the cool dry air. The tiny birds that roost in the branches start talking to each other taking the clues of the upcoming supper as the darkness covers the leaves. Jacumba street has a short section of dirt road before becoming asphalt.The dirt road has a friendly feeling to its personality inviting you to walk barefoot in it's soft cool embrace. Jean Andre Vallery


DanielleCook Sept. 20, 2009 @ 7:35 p.m.

Jean, nice imagery. Howard and I look forward to your posts. See you soon in "magical" Jacumba!

Dani Cook


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