We have 13 victims people! This is an outrage! No one can stay in office after 13 women have accused them of sexual misconduct. There is no need to investigate these claims on their own merit because the sheer volume is enough to suggest they are legitimate and to make this man step down.

What do you know? During the time I wrote this a 14th women came forward, although anonymously.

We have a montage of 13 faces now to fill the news cycle--even some young ones. We have a lawsuit filed so you can't say no one filed a lawsuit. The San Diego City Council is even suing Filner because his conduct is so egregious he clearly does not deserve to be defended.

And yesterday we received fresh allegations from survivors of military sexual assault who sought Filner's help during which time he allegedly used the opportunity to take advantage of them. Did we mention the term "sexual assault"? Notice we used the term in the headline with Filner's name. Case closed. He's a monster. Both Democrats and Republicans in San Diego want him gone. No due process necessary. He MUST be awful. He must be stopped.

The people crying conspiracy and coup and demanding "due process" are simply in denial. We have more than enough evidence to show he is unfit to be mayor.

Really? Has the public really looked beneath the headlines and examined the actual facts? Because despite the "13th" or "14th" victim coming forward, there is still nothing of substance to this case....nothing.

What is of substance here are the connections to KPBS and the Port Authority and their ties to billionaire Irwin Jacobs.

How odd is it that each woman went straight to KPBS? -- a news outlet funded by billionaire Irwin Jacobs -- the same billionaire who Filner flustered with his common sense solution to the Balboa Park Plaza De Panama problem -- A solution that cost taxpayers a mere 500k as opposed to his solution that would cost tens of millions and would destroy the National Landmark status of the Cabrillo bridge opening the park to all kinds of future corporate exploitation. (If you are listening Jacobs and you care about your legacy it would benefit you to stop the PDP campaign and to stop the Filner lynching. San Diegan's will have far more respect for you if you help us save our park from developers and the parking mafia rather than handing it to them, but I digress).

It is worth noting that Jacobs KPBS donation is in the sum of $1 million, and is also a multi-year gift to fund "local journalism and news collaboration with NPR" per Wikipedia. So it is Jacobs who is funding this narrative on the mayor -- a narrative that is being parroted by the national MSM with no critical examination of the claims or the evidence.

There is also an interesting connection to the Port of San Diego who also plays an important role in the future development of Balboa Park. It's important to understand who the Port is and what powers they have in understanding why their involvement in this is so suspect and important.

The Port of San Diego was created in 1962 by the state Legislature to manage San Diego Bay and surrounding waterfront land. Thus, they control the development of the waterfront in San Diego-- projects like the Manchester Navy Broadway complex--as in Doug Manchester, owner of the U-T.

The Port oversees cargo terminals, cruise ship terminals, and 20 public parks, and they handle the leases of hundreds of tenant and sub tenant businesses around San Diego Bay.

In short, they are powerful and they are very interested in making sure they have a mayor who works for them.

So how are these victims associated with the Port and KPBS?

First we had Irene McCormack Jackson Filner's Communications Director who did not bother to sign her complaint by the way. This was the only complaint "filed", but it's an "unverified" claim.

Irene was Vice President of External Relations for the San Diego Unified Port District and worked for the Port Authority for 9 years. McCormack also spent 25 years as a journalist, working as a newsroom manager, reporter and assistant metro editor for The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Irene McCormack Jackson came out on KPBS with her curious claim.

McCormack claimed Filner told her she "should take (her) panties off and work without them.”

But according to notes from Filner Chief of Staff Lee Burdick from a June 20 meeting, released under threat of a lawsuit by City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, Filner did not say that at all.

So the only claim filed but not signed has already been called into question by the evidence.

Did Irene have an ulterior motive in making this claim based on her close ties to the Port and if her credibility is so rock solid why did attorney Cory Briggs accuse her of not telling the truth at a Port Authority hearing in 2011?

Then Laura Fink, Morgan Rose, Sharon Bernie-Cloward, Patti Roscoe, Veronica "Ronne" Froman, Joyce Gattas, Lisa Curtin, also all came forward to KPBS.

Does the sheriff's hotline go straight to KPBS?

Gattas is particularly interesting with her close ties to KPBS and the Port Authority.

Dr. Joyce M. Gattas is the Dean of the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts at San Diego State University.

Interestingly, Gattas serves on the Balboa Park Conservancy (the same conservancy that voted for the pro-development Plaza de Panama Jacob's plan), as well as the KPBS Advisory Board; and the San Diego Port Authority Marketing and Public Relations Advisory Committee.

Her important role at KPBS could suggest she was instrumental in funneling all the victims to KPBS and coaching them on what to say.

SDSU receives a lot of funding from billionaire Irwin Jacobs, thus the Dean of the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts (the same college that handles KPBS) would certainly have a lot invested in making him happy.

Here is Gattas at the opening of the Children's Museum in 2006 with Irwin Jacobs.

Here she is in 2010 at the La Jolla Playhouse Midsummer Night's Reverie & Revelry with Irwin Jacobs.

Veronica Froman also shares connections to the Port Authority and to Jacobs. Froman became Jerry Sander's chief operating officer in 2005, but left the job in June, 2007, in the midst of the Sunroad scandal.

Froman was also senior vice president of General Atomics and was then dating Republican mega-donor Linden Blue, Vice Chairman of General Atomics.

Another important "connection" here is a non-profit called "CONNECT". CONNECT was founded in 1985 by Irwin Jacobs. The President is Camille Sobrian, former COO.

"CONNECT offers almost 30 programs in the areas of research institution support, access to capital, entrepreneur learning, business creation and development, public policy and networking, awards & recognition" per their Wikipedia description.

Here is an article in 2007 showing accuser Joyce Gattas and CONNECT President Camille Sobrian running in the same circles of fundraising in *Ranch and Coast: "San Diego's Luxury Lifestyle Magazine".*

Linden Blue, Vice Chairman of GA and Chairman of Spectrum Aeronautica was the recipient of a CONNECT award from this Jacob's funded institution.

Then there is Sharon Bernie-Cloward, president of the San Diego Port Tenants Association. Obviously she has a big interest in ensuring that the Port Authority gets what it wants since she handles their leases. Here is Sharon Bernie-Cloward in the same publication as Patti Roscoe also active in the SDSU hospitality and tourism management program. (SDSU is key here).

Here is her letter endorsing Carl DeMaio for mayor on behalf of the Port Authority Tenants Association.

As a side note: It's also hard to imagine these women do not know one another.

Then we have Patti Roscoe. Patti Roscoe is a prominent businesswoman in San Diego's tourism and hospitality industry. She also has a very strong connection to SDSU and their hospitality and tourism management program. Of course the Port Authority is a paramount player in San Diego's Tourism industry.

She runs the company Patti Roscoe & Associates, Inc, a private company categorized under Convention and Meeting Facilities and Services.

On October 4, 2012 Roscoe is Chairing Mayor Jerry Sanders' Farewell party for the 33 Rotary Club.

So these women making allegations against Mayor Filner all appear to be very well connected to the power-brokers that have been running this city for decades and seeking to oust him from office. They certainly seem to run in the same circles of power and influence.

Each one of these allegations must be reviewed on it's own merits. To suggest that the sheer number of women coming forward is enough to waive due process is non-nonsensical and undemocratic.

There is something more going on here and it is our responsibility to examine the facts in this case including potential motivations of accusers.

Come join the fight to demand due process for Mayor Filner and for ALL citizens

UPDATE: 8/12/2013 The largest regional life science association in the world BioCom called for ‪‎Filner‬'s resignation. BioCom is also a big contributor to KPBS. And Jerry Sanders is on their Board.




corybriggs Aug. 9, 2013 @ 10:38 p.m.

The Port has no control over the Navy Broadway Complex. Zero. It is controlled by the feds. If you knew as much about the Port as your blog would have people believe, you'd know this very basic fact about our waterfront.

My Facebook post earlier today for Briggs Law Corporation explains why people are wrong to read my comments at the State Lands Commission meeting as impugning Irene's credibility. In the future, contact me directly if you want to know why I said or did something. Posing a suggestive question when you do not know the whole story and especially when you do not know the answer--like posting anonymous comments--is intellectually dishonest.


philosopher3000 Aug. 11, 2013 @ 12:29 p.m.

Intellectually dishonest? You mean like anonymously slandering a man in the press simply because you didn't get what you wanted from him?

So far, almost all the 'accusers' have ties to the hoteliers, the port, SDSU, Jacobs, and those downtown development interests trying to build the Football Stadium, Expand the Convention center, and stop the Port expansion, all to make a few billion in real-estate.

Yet, not one has a claim valid enough for court? Smells fishy.


MarxMarvellous Aug. 10, 2013 @ 2:21 p.m.

Don't forget Gattas' connection to SDSU's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, which was aided by a large personal donation from, gosh, wouldn't you know it, Patti Roscoe.



MarxMarvellous Aug. 10, 2013 @ 2:26 p.m.

Whoops, my apologies. I didn't click on a link I should have, and missed that you'd made that connection. Well done.


laplayaheritage Aug. 10, 2013 @ 5:27 p.m.

The Navy Broadway Complex (NBC) is owned by our Federal Government. The State Trust Tidelands surrounding NBC belong to the people of the State of California. The State made the City the Trustee, then the City made the Port Authority the Trustee. The NBC is within the Port Master Plan area for the North Embarcadero, and the planning and development issues are interrelated.

The California Coastal Commission (CCC) is suing the Navy for lack of Seismic evidence to confirm or deny active faulting on the Navy Broadway Complex site, and all other outstanding issues like climate mitigation. Prior the CCC allowed the Port, City, Civic San Diego, CCDC, and the NEVP to ignore the issue of active faulting on State Tidelands. The CCC and the Port also claimed that rigid PVC pipes for new lifeline utilities in the Seismic Hazard Zones are flexible and can take deformation from earthquakes or settlement.

Today's LA Times quoted our State Geologist John Parrish on Los Angeles' many failures to confirm or deny active faulting in Hollywood for new high-rises under construction.




historymatters Aug. 10, 2013 @ 10:43 p.m.

Can always count on LaPlaya to have the details!!


laplayaheritage Aug. 10, 2013 @ 6:02 p.m.

The October 27, 2011 State Lands Commission (SLC) meeting Agenda Item C35 the San Diego Unified Port District was the APPLICANT asking the SLC toConsider a General Lease for the construction of a pile-supported concrete mooring dolphin and catwalk. See Pages 16 and 27.


"MR. BRIGGS: Commissioners, thank you for the --or Alternates, thank you for the opportunity this morning. I'm Cory Briggs. I'm here on behalf of the San Diego Navy Broadway Complex Coalition. We encourage you not to approve this lease today until there's been full compliance with CEQA. Playing before you is a video of the B Street Pier as it is now. This is the traffic and congestion we get with the current cruise ships. You're being told that the mooring dolphins and catwalk are for safety. Not true. I submitted a letter this morning...."

"ACTING COMMISSIONER GORDON: Yeah. So am I to understand that you did not request the waiver, that the Coastal Commission granted it on their own behest? MS. McCORMACK: Yes. We went and we were going to -- we filed a coastal development permit and they said it was a waiver. MR. BRIGGS: That's not true."


Marmion Aug. 10, 2013 @ 6:26 p.m.

KPBS has beefed up its investigative reporting during the past 18 months. That is why we were able to break this story. Irene McCormack Jackson was the first woman to go on the record with her claims, and she did so at a public news conference. The next seven women chose to come forward to us, because they told us they trusted our news outlet to report the story with integrity and without sensationalism.


philosopher3000 Aug. 11, 2013 @ 12:54 p.m.

Too bad you didn't think it was ethically required to admit your connections to the Jacobs family, and their connections to SDSU allong with these reports. You seem willing to jump on the 'condem the man without trial' bandwagon, just to get some national press, but you don't want to admit the underlying corruption in this city that Filner is fighing, nor your own corporate connections. Bad KPBS, bad.


G. Glenn Aug. 10, 2013 @ 10:54 p.m.

Note: This is not journalism or commentary from the San Diego Reader. This is a "community blog" entry posted by a site user.


philosopher3000 Aug. 11, 2013 @ 1:54 p.m.

Yea, because we wouldn't want the READER to be condemed as supporting 'Sexual Assult' in this Witch-Hunt. And we really don't want to lose any hotel or tourism advertising money.

Ever notice how comercial press only works as a check on power when there are a diversity of powers at play, but whenever the rich are aligned in inteersts, the the comercial press goes deaf, dumb, and blind on those issues? That's why we now have to watch Russian TV, the BBC, and Al Jazera to find out what's really going on. Too bad there is no local alternative (except KNSJ.org).


dorndiego Aug. 11, 2013 @ 9:18 a.m.

Great postings, great work by, I presume, Don Bauder, and the bloggers. Seems like these are still the opening days in another Battle for San Diego. In the previous ones, the power elite had at least some laws to cite (Yellow Cab bribery, late-60s, early 70s; Las Vegas prostitutes, later) as they saved the City from itself. This time, though, they've relied on sexual smears issued on camera and in print, continuously. The longer this story is cultivated the more it will seem contrived and managed as a political act.
We can only hope San Diegans aren't as sleepy and indifferent as they were during the last century.


MeReader Aug. 11, 2013 @ 9:27 a.m.

so what about the connections. this is san diego where people may have less than six degrees of separation. in other words, don't be surprised about connections. they either directly had, or the connections to, the power and the means to get the ball rolling (snowballing at this point) to show what Filner really is: a dirty old pervert who should have never became mayor.

if anything, thank goodness that KPBS had the tv broadcast forum to give a good amount of time to the women who had the guts to go public and talk about what was inflected on them by that dirty old man, Filthy Filner aka Headlock Bob, who should have never have become mayor of the City of San Diego.


philosopher3000 Aug. 11, 2013 @ 2:04 p.m.

Yea, that, or this is just a political assination by powerful interests using the Mayors own weaknesses against him. They likely tried to black-mail him firs, but couldn't because of his ego, so they tried to use anonymous press conferences, then that didn't work, now they have co-opted the corporate press (KPBS) to do their dirty work. If the self-same "investigative reporters" had uncovered these ties to the powerful interests arrayed against Mayor Filner first, then we could still believe in ethical journalism, but the problem is too big now, we have a Press that pays its employees with money from the very systems of corruption that have stolen our potential and stratified our society. It's time for the citizen journalists to start exposing the hidden ties between the rich elite forces that use public tax revenue for private gain. This list of 13 women and where they come from is a good starting point for the investigation of the shadow government in San Diego.


rocky_rhodes Aug. 11, 2013 @ 7:38 p.m.

why was none of this brought up before he was elected by the people???????????


philosopher3000 Aug. 11, 2013 @ 12:37 p.m.

Interesting that the "Rear Admaral" who accuses Filner of "licking" her in private, didn't press charges, but is also tied to these land deals in San Diego.

What about the author of the book on 'Narcissistic Men'? Does she have any ties to Jacobs, SDSU, KPBS, Balboa Park, The Port, The Hospitality Industry, the Convention Center and Turism Bureau, the Football Stadium Developers, the Banks that own the land downtown, or is she just trying to sell books?


Yankeedoodle Aug. 11, 2013 @ 9:15 p.m.


You make good points but your August 11 posts uncharacteristically have typos..were you in a hurry?


philosopher3000 Aug. 23, 2013 @ 7:39 p.m.

Filner may not be totally innocent, but he's not done anything actionable.

No one even ACCUSED the Mayor of using his 'office' to try and get laid. (as far as I can tell, no one says he even slept with them) Only one person is accusing him of actual sexual harassment, and she worked with him for six months, then wanted to remain anonymous (and Filner denies her charges). No proof (i.e. video recording, witness affidavit, etc. ) that he ever "touched people without permission" was offered, and no criminal 'assault charge' was ever filed. This is all gossip and hearsay. (you should hear what people say about your mother)

You and I, both know that a single hug, one-time kiss, or public pat on the bottom, doesn't constitute sexual harassment, much less assault. If it did, I could put at least a hundred women in jail tonight. We've both been out at parties where 16 is a good night. These ALLEGATIONS were over at least EIGHT YEARS! Mostly by women who were after something from a Congressman, yet strangely never felt inclined to report or document these alleged incidents.

Even if he was guilty of being a bad date, with these women lobbyists trying to get something from his office. Even if he was a sex addict who indiscriminately asked for women's phone numbers and told them he loved them, as a single male he's allowed to sleep with as many women as will have him. The only reason he has lost his job over it is because he scared the established business interests in San Diego.

"I am responsible for providing ammunition. I did that," Filner said. "But there are well-organized interests who have run this city for 50 years who pointed the gun, and the media and their political agents pulled the trigger."

Yep, that sums it up.

This is a common political tactic. It worked on President Clinton, it worked on Elliot Spitzer in NY. When they can't beat you in the election, they dig up dirt, then try and extort action. If you have the balls to stand up to that, then they use the press to assassinate your character. Making it impossible for you to get anything done politically, it is just as good as bullet, and now the Jacobs family will get what they paid for from the 'Investigative Journalist Division' at KPBS.


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