I have been researching California propositions and I came across a name and a giant donation Thomas F. Steyer and his $21,900,000.00 to prop 39 a proposition that alleges to create Clean Energy jobs in California.

Of course we have all seen what Obama's "Clean Energy" jobs are doing to California. Ocotillo's pristine desert has been opened up for development to energy companies in the name of green energy. There is A LOT of money to be made with this phrase. Thomas Steyer is a Hedge-Fund Manager that runs Farallon Capital Management, L.L.C.The firm was founded by Tom Steyer and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Tom Steyer previously, worked under Robert Rubin, at Goldman Sachs and in Morgan Stanley's corporate mergers and acquisitions department. (Sound familiar? Robert Rubin? as in the guy behind the financial crisis).

I think the only thing "green" Steyer is interested in is money. The fact that he invested so much into this prop should raise a lot of eyebrows. If you have been paying attention to California Cap and Trade which Steyer played a big role in you know it is nothing more then a giant shell corporation for politicians to spend money on whatever they want including themselves. Steyer and his company is also big into real estate...of course. Seems the developer real estate interests are behind everything and this prop is no exception because "green energy" per Cap and Trade means housing development....as absurd as that sounds. Look it up.

I will definitely be voting "no" on prop 39 after seeing Steyer's big investment. It has nothing to do with "green energy" and everything to do with money.

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