You knew the developers were not gonna let there multi-billion dollar subsidy go without a serious fight. So despite the end of the much maligned Redevelopment agencies that siphoned 6 billion dollars a year from schools and other valuable resources, developers managed to just change their branding.

Who would have thought Green Energy bills would include money for land and housing developers? Well guess what, Gov Brown signed into law 2 bills today under the brand of Global Warming and Green Energy AB 1532 and SB 535 that give the unelected Ca Resource Board unlimited authority to hand out the 50-100 billion in Cap and Trade auction funds to housing developers to build housing in "disadvantaged communities". (A Board mind you that just became an anonymous shell corporation called WCI to evade open government laws to spend the money in secret).

Once again the state subsidized the creation of blight and "disadvantaged communities". Why would these guys wanna fix blight when they get billions if it exists?

AB 1532 and SB 535: were passed in response to AB 32 under the umbrella of investments under California’s Global Warming Solutions Act. AB 1532 authored by Speaker John Pérez (D-Vernon) (developer shill) establishes a process for allocating revenues from AB 32; and SB 535, authored by Senator Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), to allocate a percentage of the revenues are invested in California’s most disadvantaged communities.

What's wrong with that? Well 1: who determines the states most "disadvantaged communities"? Maybe those communities special interests want to invade with banal tenement housing projects like North Park? 2:How does "allocating revenue to disadvantaged communities" have ANYTHING at all to do with global warming?

New housing construction means laying tons and tons of black asphalt, a big contributor to global warming, it means the demolition of 1000s of existing buildings built with old growth woods from 1000 year old forests, and disposing them into landfills which are already 40% full of building demolition debris, it means the use of building materials that contain poly-vinyl chlorides a KNOWN carcinogen that has wiped out entire neighborhoods in Louisiana where its manufactured, it means the use of 1000s of diesel engine construction vehicles for construction (ironically new construction is said to account for 60% of global warming and diesel truck drivers will be paying the biggest chunk of Cap and Trade money). So how FOR THE LOVE OF GOD is new housing construction a solution to mitigating global warming?

How is this even a legal use of the funds?

We desperately need a ballot measure to undo Cap and Trade in Ca which has NOTHING to do with protecting our environment and everything to do with protecting the fortunes of developers and politicians that don't want this gravy train to disappear.


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