Wow, what a surprise our very unpopular Supervisors, Bill Horn and Ron Roberts are solidly winning their races.....again. Could it be because the registrar of voters is their "employee"? Horn and Roberts hired Seiler. She works for them and has done a horrendous and utterly incompetent job. Is this not a giant conflict of interest? Her job depends on them being re-elected.

Why is no one asking questions? The North County Times raised this flag in August of 2007 saying the Board of Sups hired Seiler to ensure their re-election.

The last thing ANYONE wants right now is an incumbent. Its the worst thing you can be in an election yet our incumbents are nailing this thing right nw. Com'on people.

I just wrote the below piece last night specifically because I knew how bad the developers need Roberts to win and I am convinced they can easily get Seiler to toss Whitburn ballots. It's so easy its not even funny. All she has to say is the signature on your absentee ballot doesn't look like it matches the signature on your original registration and then she can toss it in the trash. That's it. You couldn't even put her in jail for this.

I haven't seen a single Roberts yard sign in District 3, just Whitburn signs everywhere. The only Roberts signs are perched high atop polls at strip malls or developer sites (I imagine that's because they are afraid we will tear them down). Thats it. Yet he has a solid 59% lead?

Lets ask questions. If you have your ballot receipt, call and make sure your vote was counted. Most people dont do that but I will bet anything 1000s of ballots are being tossed in this race so Seiler can ensure her job security and the job security of her boss'.

Once again here are some quotes from some respected sources on Seiler and the potential for fraud.....

"Seiler's hiring was the second decision by the county in the last month or so to raise questions from election watchdogs." Wired Magazine

"Joining Seiler in the San Diego elections office is another election official beleaguered by controversy -- Michael Vu. Until recently, Vu was the elections director in Cuyahoga County in Ohio . He resigned in the wake of a number of critical reports depicting problems with how his office conducted elections and how machines made by Diebold performed. His resignation also followed the conviction of two election workers in his office who were found guilty of rigging a recount in the 2004 presidential election. Vu was recently made assistant registrar of voters in San Diego ." Wired Magazine http://blog. wired. com/27bstroke6/2007/05/former_diebold_. html


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