Happy Election Day!!!!

Every election day people get sort of excited to voice make their voices heard. They proudly wear their "I voted" stickers to let everyone know they are concerned and active citizens participating in their world. This is a wonderful thing.

But it is also VERY VERY VERY confusing and I am not saying by any means that I am special but I can promise I am no special interest and never have been and have been a vocal citizen activist for years advocating for things like historic preservation, development reform, preservation of open space, community gardens and real reform and transparency in San Diego Government (just look at all my postings over the years) and every election I am always looking for someone I trust to give me their endorsements so I can research for myself and make the best educated decision rather than just choosing based on a Party affiliation or media advertisement.

So as a citizen activist I will share my research with you and perhaps we can all help each other so we do not get tricked into voting against ourselves.

I am still looking into things now like judges and those positions we dont pay much attention to but matter ALOT like Treasurer or Controller and I will add more as the day goes on for the procrastinators.


Prop 19: Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 - SUPPORT

Prop 20: Redistricting of Congressional Districts - Voters FIRST Act for Congress - OPPOSE

Prop 21: $18 Vehicle License Surcharge to Help Fund State Parks/Wildlife Programs - SUPPORT

Prop 22: Local Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transportation Protection Act - OPPOSE (the key to this proposition is "redevelopment".....the developers want to stop you tax payers from taking their tax money away for their projects like the new Charger Stadium)

Prop 23: OPPOSE (the big Corps seem to really want this one)

Prop 24: Repeal Corporate Tax Loopholes Act - SUPPORT

Prop 25: On Time Budget Act of 2010 -SUPPORT

Prop 26: Stop Hidden Taxes Initiative - OPPOSE

Prop 27: Eliminates State Commission on Redistricting - SUPPORT


Governor: I can't really get behind anyone in this race but I can tell you the Chamber of Commerce wants Meg Whitman so I am definitely not voting for her.

County Board of Supervisors:: Steven Whitburn

Ron Roberts has been put in office by the land developers and if they have it their way he will stay there.

Prop D: No Way!!!

There are no REAL reforms in this proposition and it will only raise money to pay inflated pensions and does not encourage what we really need which is REAL renegotiations of these pensions....and despite what Sanders says.....yes we can renegotiate w/ the unions. They would much rather renegotiate than risk a court decision on bankruptcy. (Vallejo is not a reasonable excuse)

Prop C: No Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These guys didnt even put their signs up until 1 week before the election and their biggest reason why you should vote for it is because there is No organized opposition....there is no organized opposition because no one really knew about this proposition. The proposition was put on the ballot by Pardee homes and is about undoing a very good proposition that limited development along highway 56.

Secretary of State: Deborah Bowen !

this is SO important. this person controls how honest our elections are. She certifies or decertifies the election machines we are allowed to use and determines recount rules. (FYI our registrar sued Bowen because Bowen said that a recount is required if there is a 1% difference, this is smart. Seiler does not want a recount unless the election is less than 1/2 a percentage point). And the Republican in this.....he is from Orange County and is being pushed by the Building Industry aka the developers that currently run California. I mean com'on Damon Dunn is a Professional Football Player and realtor. Thats great and all but doesnt that sound like a shill to you? He is being pushed by Karl Rove and the infamous Chamber of Commerce.

That brings me to my point about the Chamber of Commerce. I think people have recently become enlightened to the real agenda of the Chamber. They are a large and very powerful group of corporations whether its WalMart or its McMillan land developers, but they all have the same goal.....to weaken and destroy ANY and all environmental regulations and to syphon as much tax money as possible through things like tax cuts or the evn more dubious "retro-active" tax refunds all under the guise of creating jobs!

Give the billionares billions in tax dollars and they will create more jobs. They try and make it sound like they are the little guy and the small businesses but they are not. So the best piece of advice about anything you vote for is to find out who and what the Chamber wants and vote the opposite. They are not looking out for you I guarantee it.

here is the best thing to look at....it is the California Chamber of Commerce' endorsements. Your best bet is to vote the OPPOSITE !!! http://www.calchamber.com/GovernmentRelations/PoliticalAction/BallotMeasures/Pages/BallotMeasures.aspx


I can't find any good research on judges.....anyone? I can't find anything that I can be sure isn't spin. Help if you know of anything please.



Evelyn Nov. 2, 2010 @ 4:18 p.m.

totally printed the chamber of commerce's summary from their website...

and you forgot prop 23... any reason for that?


historymatters Nov. 2, 2010 @ 4:29 p.m.

Oh Im sorry about that. Yes Proposition 23 :OPPOSE. Any time we hear the word "job-killer" its a big clue who is behind it. "job-killer" is the big buzz word to scare us into voting for the corporations.

And yes ....the best thing you could possibly do is print that Cal Chamber Endorsement Page and vote the OPPOSITE. CoC is what all the corporations are lobbying under so they can hide in anonymity and shame. Thats why you dont hear about "land developers" lobbying because they lobby under the Chamber w/ Walmart and the other bottom feeding parasites.


SurfPuppy619 Nov. 2, 2010 @ 5:23 p.m.

On the Props I am on the oppsite side of mnost of your pics, but that's cool!

19= NO 21= NO 23= YES 25= NO 26= YES


historymatters Nov. 2, 2010 @ 6:40 p.m.

Of course that is the beauty of voting and choosing what we want. I am just real real careful about voting w/ the Chamber of Commerce. So we will see what happens. I just voted. Many of the candidates I just didn't like any of them so I voted for "None of the Above" for multiple positions. You never know if enough people vote "none of the above" he/she just may win one for once!


SurfPuppy619 Nov. 2, 2010 @ 7:48 p.m.

Many of the candidates I just didn't like any of them so I voted for "None of the Above" for multiple positions.

LOL....the choice for elected officials, particularly gov, were awful.

Was there an option for "none of the above"???

As for everyone who was up for confirmation, judges, school board, whatever, I voted NO for all incumbants-every single one. Especially judges.

I went 3rd party on everything else-no dems, no repugs, just 3rd party.

I was VERY disappointed with the two choices for gov., the most important issue/official on the ballot. Two turkeys IMO, and I doubt either one will be able to fix the problems we have, and it is really a crap shoot IMO on that race, and in the end I doubt it will matter which one gets elected.

But I do want people who know and understand the issues to vote, no matter what position you take, and if you don't I prefer you do not vote....LOL!


historymatters Nov. 2, 2010 @ 8:25 p.m.

the candidate choices were just horrendous. The only thing I was excited to vote on were propositions. But yes I filled in the "write-in" bubble on most candidate positions and wrote in "none of the above". I suppose "none of the above" could always win. I hope one day he/she does.


SurfPuppy619 Nov. 2, 2010 @ 9:39 p.m.

Prop D: No Way!!!

There are no REAL reforms in this proposition and it will only raise money to pay inflated pensions and does not encourage what we really need which is REAL renegotiations of these pensions....and despite what Sanders says.....yes we can renegotiate w/ the unions. They would much rather renegotiate than risk a court decision on bankruptcy. (Vallejo is not a reasonable excuse)

================ Good editorial on Prop D!

Prop D has failed, and it is time for some serious decisions on the financial condition of this great city, with muni pay and overall compensation at the top of the list.

I have laid out a plan for fixing the pension mess, but no elected offial will go for it-so far.

I think BK is coming if my plan, or one similar to it, is not implemented.

My plan;

1) highest paid employees take 25% salary cut, and as the salary goes down progressively lower the % of the salary cut, w/no one under $50K taking a cut. Cap that salary for a minimum of 5 years, or until DB pension fund is at a 120% funded level, which ever comes first.

All that money saved from the pay cut is paid, IN FULL, right into the pension DB fund to shore it up.

All new hires go into a DB/DC hybrid pension plan-1%@40 DB w/6% matching DC from both employee and muni; or

A 10% employee DC contribution combined with 25% City/muni DC contribution (35% DC overall, might/might not raise it 5% for public safety).

That is a heck of a good plan to get out of the hole. The ones receiving the biggest and best benefits/pension make the biggest sacrifice, as it should be- and taxpayers who make less will not get gouged anymore!

If anyone has a better plan please post it up.

I have emailed this plan to Carl DeMaio, but so far he has not responded to it.


historymatters Nov. 2, 2010 @ 10:06 p.m.

I like your plan!! I know getting the City to listen is insane. Its so odd to me that on virtually every issue Council ignores what the citizens want as if to say "you guys aren't smart enough to know what you really need". A great example is the mid city rapid transit project that no one wants because its benefit is negligible and the cost is over 40 million in a 1/2 cent tax increase we voted for for public transit.

The citizens are overwhelmingly saying this project is a huge waste of money and is not what we voted for and does more damage than good, but they continue to ignore us and say as w/ all their redevelopment projects "its a DONE DEAL".

So yes, you plan is awesome and De Maio is the only real hope for pension reform.


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