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Speaking of the organ. It's been a while since I heard Saint-Saens Symphony No. 3.

The second and fourth movements are almost a concerto for organ and orchestra.

Well, the fourth movement is. The second uses the organ as something of a mysterious stranger commenting in the background.

Saint Saens also incorporates piano into the orchestra for this symphony.

This is a piece of music that you can play for anyone at any age and chances are, they'll like it. Specifically the fourth section.

The movie, "Babe" used the fourth movement as a big chunk of its soundtrack. That movie also had a cameo of Cantique de Jean Racine by Faure. I'm not sure why a movie about a sheep-herding baby pig in Australia has so much French music.

The third symphony also shows up in the 1989 film, How to get Ahead in Advertising.

I wish I could say why this symphony isn't more popular. It has a rousing opening movement and an energetic third movement.

The second movement will break your heart if you're in the right mood. Its main theme is everything that it is right and good about the French--sensitive, contemplative, subtle, nuanced, and eternally in love.

Then there is that closing movement. If you ever have need to pump yourself up, skip the Rocky soundtrack and go straight to the Saint Saens. It's pure throttle from start to finish.



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Altius April 6, 2011 @ 1:04 p.m.

There's more French music in Babe. The three mice sing a bit from the Toreador Chorus of Bizet's Carmen, remember?


Garrett Harris April 6, 2011 @ 6:37 p.m.

Yes! That's right! I forgot about the mice.


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