It's nearing that time again, when Bill feels his arrival, sitting in his mobile home. Bill checks the calendar, right on time. Looking out at the expanse of desert laid out in front of his window like a sea, Bill talks. "Good to see you made it." Turning to Sasquatch, Bill rests his eyes on the writhing body, the translucent skin, shedding and resprouting follicles of hair, finger nails exuding and falling to the floor where they disseminate. In the blink of an eye, Sasquatch is completely rejuvenated. Bill goes on. "You mustn't be so nonchalant, did you realize how close you were to destruction in La Pisces?" "I did, but they don't know what to look for anyways, I was searching for me with them." "Well we've got trouble up here too, you have to forge past Theodore's Pass, go another two hundred miles up to Grant's Pass, where Mary will be waiting your arrival. Apparently the TV crews miscalculated the weekend forecast, and there's a whole town hunting for you. You realize what they'd do to you? They'd snuff you out and hang you, a trophy. Just like that, and the world would end." Sasquatch's emanating energy causes Bill's mobile home to tremble, Sasquatch speaks. "I remembered to bring you something this time." Reaching into his satchel, Sasquatch reveals a wrapped spherical object. Handing it to Bill, Sasquatch continues. "From the second respawning. Only two left, take care of it." Bill unwraps it, finding the bleached skull of a Unicorn. The two say goodbye, and Sasquatch continues his journey, Bill radios to the president of the United States. "Mr President, he's on his way, everything according to schedule, a little demure down in La Pisces Nicaragua, and up here in Utah, so i sent him around the eastern edge of the Rockies. Nothing to worry about and we are still in business." At hearing the message, the President informs his secretary to notify NATO, to relay the news to informants across europe, and to have a merry christmas.

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