You should read Who's Minding the Store? because it's fun entertainment worth your time. We all need personal time each day, and many of us are spending that time reading books of all genre. Reading allows us that twenty to thirty minutes of escape that recharges our batteries and helps us through each day. When we read we forget about troubles, our never-ending to-do list, and all distractions. Our mind is immersed in a story meant to sweep us away from everything. We relax when we read.

You will find Who's Minding the Store? both different and original, and full of humor you will relate with. It's about a person named Derrick who is promoted to store manager of a high-end home improvement retail store. To his surprise, he has one week to improve sales or the company will shut them down. What's more, he has to achieve this goal with employees who think coming to work on time is optional, back-stabbing managers who are out to get him, and over-demanding customers who want the best products at the lowest prices. His wife is pushing for him to get a raise with his promotion, his employees are trying to push him out the door, and his customers are about to push him over the edge. At the end of each day, Derrick can't help but wonder...Who says the customer is always right?

This story is not only original, but different from any other you've read. It takes you through hilarious scenes involving customer-manager-employee relations in each chapter. You will come across the lazy employee who doesn't want to help customers. Then there's the over-bearing customer who wants his money back. There's also the thief who runs so fast he leaves his shoes behind. There's the employee who wants a raise. The employees who can't help sneaking a little afternoon delight in the back room closet. And there's the back-stabbing managers who stop at nothing to have their way.

I believe this book is worth your time because we've all worked in retail at some point. Whether it was our first job, or the job you had while working through school, or the job between jobs until you got what you wanted...We've all been there and done that. I'm sure when you read Who's Minding the Store? you will not only relate with the scenes in this book, you will find yourself laughing through the pages. And when you've finished reading this book it may very well change the way you shop for good.

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