First thing off the top gotta give a “Shout Out” to( M.O.M.) Military Outreach Ministries, for all the things they are doing for the Military families and me. Also a big Shout Out for all the troops that are still in the War and the Wounded Warriors, remember Osama bin Laden has not been forgotten. I have learned over the years to see the best in every situation, I think it’s something that you acquire if you are faced with a lot of negative situations over a long period of time. I started going to Mesa College in the fall of 2004. I arrived in the San Diego area February 2004 after living in Fargo for two years and just couldn’t take the cold anymore. When I arrived in February 2004 flowers were blooming, the temp was around 70 here so I stayed.

I was hanging out in La Jolla at UCSD and hanging out mainly in the Geisel Library (If you never been there before ya gotta go check it out). That’s when I decided to go back to school. My grades were not good enough to go to one of the universities, besides I had been out of high school for thirty years. I read somewhere that you can judge a college by it’s library so I started hanging out at USD and SDSU because The Kearny Mesa area seemed like a good fit for me. I had to go to a Community College and as far as Community Colleges go, Mesa has an outstanding library and because of the Library and geographical area I chose Mesa. It wasn’t easy for me getting back in the studying frame of mind again. I could talk about many unpleasant moments from day one. But today the glass is half full and I would like to say some things about Mesa and the faculty that needs to be said and will probably surprise many, mainly because in the near future things may come to the light that may not be so pleasant.

Being a seasoned student filled with many life experiences I was able to see things that most people would never notice. Besides the fact that I was sitting next to 18 year olds that could ace tests in 10 minutes and that it was usual for me to be sitting in class watching other people leave and me being the last one to complete my Exam, well that’s how it was at first.

And believe me when I tell you it wasn’t easy sticking with it. But something happened even through all the madness and it was unbelievably gratifying “I learned”. I was fortunate enough and I have got to say lucky enough to have experienced some of the best instructors that I have ever encountered. Now don’t get me wrong , I have a few beefs with several of them. But when it comes to flat out teaching, I can’t say enough about them. I don’t know how the schools pick there instructors or even if all college level instructors are like the ones I had. But I can honestly say these people genuinely love what they do.

And you can actually feel their love and passion. For Instance, I Had one instructor an ex-newspaper lady that could at a glance while walking by could point out several proof errors that had already been checked by the whole class. I saw an Algebra instructor that I felt connected with the students so strongly that she could almost read your mind. I had a couple of Drama instructors that I felt was so talented themselves, I don’t believe that they will stay on as teachers . Then there was this black history guy that was a cross between Kool Moe Dee and Reverend Ike, He had every one in the class responding to his questions like a southern Baptist preacher getting “Amen’s” . He called on people and got quick responses and made you remember way too much information but he also made it fun.

I had one instructor that made me go to a Synagogue (Jewish Church) and interview an administrator of the church and when I arrived there the office manager was a “black woman”. I had this one instructor that made me go baby sit seals when she suggested it I had to think hard about it, to see if I had eaten one before. But after seeing what was going on at the Children’s beach in Lajolla I felt really sorry for the seals and became a regular volunteer.

Oh yeah I was sent to the Zoo another teachers and all I can think about is how envious I am of the Silverback Guerilla and the Bonobo’s. Then there was this totally hilarious geography guy that should have had his own show ( Oh yeah, don’t even think that Geography is about locating places on a map) . I had a Sociology instructor that made me read the whole text from cover to cover after the class was over because I was upset about the way things were being said and it made me think so much about it that I changed my major to Sociology.

Then there was this Russian guy with a thick Russian accent (Boris and Natasha) that taught English, loved Jazz and Soul music that made me think that “this” could happen only in America. Then there was this guy from India that was unusually demanding and a couple of guys that were old school like myself and came straight from the text, which was cool too because of the type of courses, they taught. My thousand words are up and I could do at least seven more pages but it was this Black history teacher that is an activist that I found most interesting she had a way of bringing the best from people and not following a set educational program or a conventional program she by far is the most memorable. Mainly because of her unorthodox teaching methods .And the ingenious way that she integrates current worldly events into the subject matter. These are just some of the instructors that I can write about off the top of my head.

Historically Instructors and scholars have not been known for there heroics, but they have inspired many revolutionary changes through there students and communities. They mold the minds that rule the world and if I had to state an occupation that was probably the most Important in the world, I would have to say being a Teacher is number one - Ok my lips are starting to ache from all this sucking up. It’s a Wrap


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