Ok this where the most of you should get off, I used the “T” word and by now most of you should be hearing that humming sound in the back of your head and your eye lids should start getting heavy as you gradually slip into a mini coma. You will also have this irresistible urge to put your hands over your ears and close your eyes and start shaking your head from side to side while saying La- La La- Laa Laaaa. Oh' that’s right, that’s for audio and visual truth. All you have to do now is move a mouse or push the button. In order to insure that this blog is read, I will only lightly sprinkle a little truth. So hang in there. First things first and brace yourself. I know this is gonna shock a lot people, but there is more than Heaven and Hell. Ok there went about a third of yall,there is more than God/Jesus and Satan there is a middle ground and a lot of people know that it exist. This does not mean that you will have super powers or become rich just for having this knowledge, well at least I don’t and I know that it is true. We americans believe that we are all there is and our way is the only way. Its very apparent when you realize that since the beginning of time insects and animals can tell when a hurricane is coming and we just figured it out 60 years ago.there is a lot going on around us that we are missing.

I can go on and on about this but I think you should absorb that for a while. Here’s another one, we think we are an advanced race. We discovered and started using fire thousands of years ago and we still rely on it today. We are killing people in order to stay financially sound. We lost over 4000 troops in Iraq and we killed over a million Iraqui,s. Do you think they had over a million troops? One of the largest and most powerful religious orders in the world ( Catholic Church) do not allow there leaders and employees which are priest and Nuns to marry and reproduce, yet they are totally for procreation and they even have special facilities and on staff doctors to counsel the priest and nuns that are caught having sex with children or each other. We are talking about thousands of pedophiles that are not being prosecuted or even charged with a crime. We look the other way saying things like the good out ways the bad. I spoke with a member of the Clergy and several devout catholics while doing my flag thing and they all stated that the marriage issue was on the table in the church. I personally think that it would be a positive move and would reduce the sex crimes also the clergy would be more effective with handling and counseling current marital issues. If Barak Obama would have ran against Gore in 2000 he would have lost. W. was one of the stongest assets to his campaign. The American people wanted to get as far away as possible from the likes of W. and a president that could speak english was a good start. Obama is pretty much the opposite of W. In the 70’s an inventor built a carbuerator that could get 80 miles to the gallon and general motors bought the patent. Drug companies have the best research scientist trying to find cures for diseases. Let me re-phrase that, they are looking for drugs that will control diseases so that people will live longer and need daily medication. They are not trying to cure anything because that is simply not COST EFFEC TIVE. Once a drug cures a malady it is no longer needed. Then the company loses money on the drug. I know this sounds like I,m pumping Obama’s Health Care Plan but to be perfectly honest . I didn’t think about it until I got to writing and thinking about how lucrative diseases and the medical industry really was. I think if we take the investors and speculators out of the equation . We will start finding cures for diseases simply because it will not be profitable not too.

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