The universe. Unmeasurable. Unknown. It holds galaxies, like ours; which hold solar systems, like ours; which hold planets, like ours. Ours? As if we could possess such things. Earth is just one planet. The United States is just one country. California is just one state. San Diego is but one county and I am but one human being residing within it. Just one insignificant fool. Ours? Not remotely.

Silly humans, we are all just so silly.

There is an alley running through my backyard. These alleys of broken concrete, no house will show its face. These alleys make North Park and City Heights. When I look out my kitchen window at night, I am sure to see another human, much like myself, looking to find some treasure in Wilson Avenue's trash. That must be hard, I think. But I know so well how insignificant they must feel. You have no pride when you try to survive on what others throw out. And the people throwing out their trash often think of you like a menace. They lock up their dumpsters so you're presence doesn't hurt their ego. They want to be proud of where they live, and they can't be proud if you're around....

But what is there to be proud of, after all? No man owns a city, no man can own the land, you can only own your name.

Do you think you are something great? Are you proud of what you have done? You feel good about what you have become?

You boast of your feat, like it makes you a god. It has all been done long before you were conceived, by another man, much like you, plagued with trivial pursuits.

You acknowledge that you are only human when confronted with your sin. But if someone praised you and called you a hero, how human would you claim to be? Heroes are nothing but flesh and bone. Heroes die and sinners die, and we all return to dust. The dust covered street, the dust that you breathe.

Will you gods among men help me comprehend how to take pride in my humanity? Show me how to distinguish one human from the next. How is this human sorting through the garbage more insignificant than you or me? Show me the lines that have built up your pride to a height that leaves me under your reign.

We humans cursed the earth and all who live in it. Destroying ourselves by raping this planet. One by one, city to city, and each country partakes. Aren’t you proud of what you have done? Look at how far we’ve come….

The universe is not impressed.

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