Water for Christmas

This afternoon I dragged myself off the couch where I’ve been hibernating for the last couple of days with a cold. The guilt of not having bought the grandkids anything was preventing me from getting a good nap. So I made myself a list, planned me route and headed out.

Thankfully my son had called and given me a few ideas of what the kids could use. They’re already awash in toys, so things like books and bicycle accessories would be appreciated. Barnes and Noble was my first stop. I seldom shop for anything except food and wine and hadn’t been to the mall for months. At three in the afternoon I was amazed that my first challenge was parking and then surviving the walk from my car to the store. I am glad to report that Grandpa was able to pull off some fancy footwork and eluded those threatening SUVs.

With books, puzzles and a really neat horn for my granddaughter’s bike in hand, I could feel the shroud of guilt being lifted from my shoulders. Now I could focus on what I really wanted to get the family, water. Besides my own dependence on wine, I know the rest of the family is dependent on good quality water. So I wanted to give them something they might not get for themselves, a water filter.

I am really against bottled water, especially after having been introduced to “Food and Water Watch” this past Sunday at the Cardiff Green Expo. This is a national non-profit whose mission is to safeguard our food and water supplies. They have just opened a San Diego office because of fear that our public water may become privatized. When you stop and think about it, that could spell disaster for us all. One of their pieces of literature was entitled “Take Back the Tap” and had wonderful bits of info about the safety of our public water and the ridiculous cost and poor quality of most bottled water. Of course they sighted the enormous environmental cost of bottled water in part from transportation and pollution.

I try and drink my tap water, but it tastes so bad. In reading their literature, I learned that the taste could be greatly improved by simply filtering it with any of a variety of home filtration devices. What better Holiday gift to give the family than an easy to install filter so that we can drink our safe public tap water and even enjoy its taste.

Check out their website for a wealth of good information about your public tap water and “Take Back the Tap”. www.foodandwaterwatch.org

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