If you ever find yourself at the intersection of Broadway and 11th, where the City College bus/trolley stop is, and you need to use a restroom then oh boy, you got some serious problems. I had business in Rancho Penasquitos area today and as it was a gorgeous day outside I decided to “save the planet” and bike/take the bus to my destination. Rode my bike to the bus stop and discovered that the bus trip would be about an hour long. I figured that I better use the restroom now. While locking my bike in front of the 7-eleven store my bareless legs received so many compliments from the homeless guys sitting around, more then I ever remember (it was 80 degrees outside and I was on my bike, of course I would wear shorts, what else could I do). I walked into the 7-eleven and I thought that buying a bottle of water would also buy me a ticket to the restroom just so the nice cashier could bring to my knowledge that they don’t have a public restroom. “Maybe Subway” but his face expression told me “You are screwed man!” I decided to try my chances at Subway and of course the restroom was for costumers only, but I already had my water and it wasn’t lunch time yet. Left Subway and I see a guy running towards me yelling that my bike is being stolen (thanks a lot Guy but how did you know it was mine?). I didn’t have time for second thoughts then, I sprint to where “the Beast” was locked, I already got 2 bikes stolen this year. I found it intact and shiny where I left it. I don’t trust my luck anymore and keep it in my sight for the rest of the day. The urge of using a restroom is getting bigger but my bus must arrive soon and I can’t miss it. I see a Jack in the Box. Finding the dreaded sign “For customers only” on Jack’s restroom I decide to wait in line, I have no choice. Me: “Can I have a key to the restroom, PLEASE” big smile. Cashier girl: “Bathroom for customers only”. Darn it, she didn’t buy my charm. Me: “What’s the cheapest you have”. Cashier girl: “Burger for 1$”. Me:”I’m vegetarian today, I only want to use the restroom. Can I just give you one dollar?” Cashier girl: “Burger it is.” She was getting pretty annoyed but I received my toilet pass! Hope somebody ate that Burger! Sitting here now, happy, on a bench, waiting for my number 20 bus to arrive, I look towards downtown, to the big buildings where all those hot shots attorneys hang out and just a couple of blocks away at the intersection of Broadway and 11th it’s a complete different world and the toilets here are luxury.


FullFlavorPike Nov. 10, 2009 @ 11:56 p.m.

Being a clerk is such a bummer job that you have to take it out on customers by enforcing corporate policy. Like Brian Eno says, "been there, done that, been there don't wanna go back!"


CuddleFish Nov. 11, 2009 @ 5:06 a.m.

What you might could do is walk North to either the McDonalds, which has a public restroom, or walk to the City Campus college, which of course has a number of public restrooms. If I am not mistaken, McDonalds is (now) two blocks north of the trolley stop (used to be one block), and City College is the same only you are going northeast.


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