[Translated by Fulano from an article in Ensenada.net.

An injured man had to wait in pain for more than two hours with fractures of the tibia and fibula because the staff at the Isesalud Clinic at Ruiz and 14, where he was sent by central command, refused to admit him.

This denial of immediate medical servoces caused the local Public Prosecutor to get involved. The incident all started around 8PM on Saturday night, when a bicyclist named Rogelio López fell near Villas del Real IV, causing the bone fractures.

An ambulance operated by volunteers came to rescue him and to take him to a hospital. As the victim had Seguro Popular insurance, Central Command sent him to the health clinic at Ruiz and 14.

However, when the paramedics arrived with their patient, they were met by intern doctors who said they could not admit the emergency patient because there was no licensed resident doctor to admit him.

The minutes passed and in light of the refusal to admit the patient, nor seek another medical institution to take him, the patient spent more than 1-1/2 hours on the ambulance parked outside the clinic which closed its doors, refusing to take any action.

With the patient in increasing acute pain and with the risk that the injury would worsen, in light of the refusal of those in charge at the clinic to make any decision or take any responsibility to secure the patient, it became necessary to call for the public minister [a district attorney].

A public minister responded to the call and came to the clinic, where he was given the same response, that they could not attend to the patient because there was no doctor in charge and the minister was told he could "do what he wants."

The public minister then decided to ask for another clinic via Central Command, and the patient was sent to the Ensenada General Hospital, where he too was also first refused admittance, but was finally allowed into the emergency area for medical attention a little after 10:30PM.

The public minister who resolved the conflict explained that they received a complaint of a crime of failure to render medical attention to a patient, where they are required to treat citizens when it is an emergency.

Initially, the Ensenada General Hospital also refused to provide medical attention, because they only had one bed for critical emergency patients, but when it because available they admitted the victim and doctors treated him.


mngcornaglia Feb. 3, 2013 @ 12:19 p.m.

The hospital system staff in BC are in a dispute over not being paid by the government - now reported to be a few million pesos in arrears... the mortuary staff in ensenada also went on strike... better to not to get sick or injured south of the border for now...


I Am Stardirt Feb. 9, 2013 @ 4:26 a.m.

Wow I'm surprised they didn't make him splint his own broken leg.


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