The Spanish word "madre" means mother. However, the word is used in short phrases in Spanish with more different meanings than I can count. Here are some examples:

Hasta la madre (1): completely full. "Vámonos este restaurante está hasta la madre de gente." "Let's go, this restaurant is completely full of people."

Hasta la madre (2): fed up. "Estoy hasta la madre con la inseguridad." "I am fed up with this lack of security."

Hasta la madre (3): extremely drunk. "Cuando me sali de mi casa, estuvo hasta la madre." "When I left my house, I was dead drunk."

Qué poca madre: uncool, jerk. "Qué poca madre que los testigos no ayudaron a la víctima." "How uncool that the witnesses did not help the victim."

Estar poca madre: to be awesome. "Esta fiesta está poca madre!" "This party is awesome!"

Me vale madre: I don’t give a damn. "Pues a mi me vale madre si usted no fue a la escuela." "Well, I don't give a damn if you didn't go to school."

Esa madre: that thing. "Qué es esa madre?” "What is that thing?"

Ni madres: zip, zero, nothing. "Esa medicina hace ni madres." "This medicine does nothing."

A madres: unappealing to the senses. "Estos tacos saben a madres." "These tacos taste bad."

Puta madre: a vulgar phrase expressing alarm. "Puta madre, olvido mi cartera!" "Damn, I forgot my wallet!"

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