Totally by chance, I happen to live in an eight-apartment complex in the heart of Pacific Beach, San Diego in which the tenants are comprised of some of the coolest people that walk the earth today. Basically, what you've heard on the streets is true, my neighbors are awesome. It's damn near inconceivable how the stars could align and somehow implant such a group of the planet's greatest living citizens in such a tiny area, and somehow I done plopped myself right in the middle of it all. Clearly I have done good in previous lives. I definitely wasn't a Nazi, this proves that once and for all. But yeah, so, it's great to live here. Just fifteen minutes ago, I was dozing off on the couch, and you got that right, it's Friday night, and I was most likely destined to lie there motionless for the next four to seven hours before rummaging up the strength to stagger off to some slightly more comfortable sleep in my piping hot-bedroom, to wake up tomorrow lamenting another lost evening, when suddenly Alex is at the door offering me a slice of some of the most delicious pizza God has allowed to be created west of the Mississippi. Within the first few bites I was already seeing visions of a future that seconds before seemed utterly impossible; I'd stay awake for a good chunk of the rest of the night; I might take a shower and go somewhere, you know, like the store or something. There's no end to the possibilities now.

What probably will happen is that at some point Chris will come home and we'll do some things and then maybe get down with some FIFA World Cup Soccer on his xbox 360, which is obviously the greatest game ever made of any kind on any system or even boardgame or card game. It's that good. Believe me. I bet I could play it for 48 hours straight, provided I get breaks after each game for cigarettes and snacks. Hell, if I could drive a semi-comatose out-of-his-mind repulsively filthy schizophrenic homeless heroin addict in a pool of his own vomit across the country on only four total hours of incredibly cramping sleep, I could probably play that game for three weeks. I'd be every country at least once, and the last game will be as exciting as the first one was. So what all this means is that Chris is cool too. Remarkably, so is everyone here! Maybe I'll get into more detail on them when they have pizza or cool video games.

So I don't know if I mentioned up there that our complex has been known to transform into Club Dawes most every weekend and on some scattered weeknights. The reason I don't know if I mentioned it or not is because a few minutes ago I was a little past this point and I erased the whole thing by accident so I started over and now I don't know what's up there and what's not and I don't feel like looking it over. Especially a couple of weeks to a month or two back, when the core of the Club Dawes crew was formulating and getting tight, we'd have some nights where we'd be having such a blast here at the club that we'd eschew PB's famed bar scene and just kick it here out in front for a good chunk of the night, drinking and dancing around like fools, well I guess I'm the only one that dances pretty much, but we get drunk and laugh a lot and have good times and invite friends over and love life. We'd wake up the next day and all meet up at the beach, because that's the one thing Club Dawes can't give us. The thing that I was thinking about before, that made me sit down and write this, is that I don't think anybody else enjoys it here, and that is hysterical to me. We keep inviting people we know to come here and party at the "club" and they are by and large highly unimpressed to see us all having the times of our lives while they beg us to proceed immediately to the nearest drinking establishment, while we try with all of our might to convince them that Club Dawes is at worst the next best thing. Cheap drinks, you control the music, no lines at the bathroom, no dress code. But nobody really enjoys it here except us, at least that's what I think, and that's really funny to me, how lucky I am to be able to have a legendarily fun night sitting in front of my apartment, untouchable.

This was on a way better track before I erased the freaking thing.

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