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"San Diego Business Woman Magazine," which bills itself as a "very high end lifestyle magazine focusing on the needs and desires of women here in San Diego," is well behind schedule, but promises it will catch up and pay the money it owes. The first edition was supposed to come out the end of January with a publication date of February and March, but never made it. There are rumors that the first edition will come out at the end of March, but I couldn't confirm them.

Nanette Martin, who did stories and photography at social events, says she got a $1,000 check that bounced. She asked for cash or a money order to replace the bounced check, but didn't get it. So she quit. Miles Anthony Lane of Miles Lane Transportation agreed to provide transportation. (The publishers have held several networking parties.) In return, Lane would get a quarter-page, $1250 ad. "I haven't heard hide nor hair of them; I don't know where they are or when the publication is coming out," he says. "I did $1250 worth of driving."

The owners of the magazine are Loreane Tomlinson, mother of the former star running back for the Chargers (who recently signed with the New York Jets); a Texas investor, and Irene Egerton, the editor. Workers and advertisers who put time and/or money in the publication "will get everything," says Tomlinson, who says that she never signed a check that bounced, although someone else in the organization might have. Tomlinson says Egerton was called out of town on an emergency, "and we can't afford to spend the extra money to hire somebody. We can't afford everybody we need. We have a skeleton crew." (I left a message with that crew but it was not returned as of this writing.) The original plan was for a monthly, but the group now plans to publish once every other month, says Tomlinson. Susan Spanos, wife of the Chargers head Dean Spanos, was to be on the first cover, and may still be. However, the Spanos family did not put investment funds into the venture, says Tomlinson, denying rumors that it did.

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Don Bauder March 18, 2010 @ 4:03 p.m.

NOTE: Nanette Martin got a cashier's check today (March 18) for the money owed her. Best, Don Bauder


slaverson Nov. 5, 2010 @ 9:43 a.m.

San Diego Business Women's Magazine sold us (and was paid) $5,000 worth of advertising, and no ad (or magazine) ever materialized. We cannot get e-mails or calls answered by staff (Rhonda Hall, Loreane Tomlinson, others). WARNING to all potential advertisers!!


SurfPuppy619 Nov. 5, 2010 @ 10:26 a.m.

San Diego Business Women's Magazine sold us (and was paid) $5,000 worth of advertising, and no ad (or magazine) ever materialized

$5K is a lot of scratch to be forking over up front to a magazine that has never published a single page and has no track record whatsoever.


slaverson Nov. 16, 2010 @ 8:32 p.m.

You're right SurfPuppy, but we're not concerned. Scratch is all relative, and with names like Spanos and Tomlinson behind the business, there was actually plenty of track record. Rest assured, we'll get our money back! We know there's plenty of cash there, but we'll now find out how much integrity and character is there.


gkenton March 24, 2011 @ 1:33 a.m.

Hi Don, The woman you are speaking of was Irene Perry, she originally identified herself as Victoria Edmunds but admitted shortly before she died that she was indeed Irene Perry. Although it was obvious that she had no real Publishing experience Irene had an exceptional editorial concept for the magazine and was a very learner. I believe given time we could have produced a very fine and useful magazine. She was very enthusiastic and supportive regarding my efforts and we were moving along and I was being paid. In return for a request to find an excellent proof reader I introduced Victoria to Melinda Kough, 818.363.9793 (home) or 818.667-1601 (cell). They clicked, so Melinda, Victoria and Ms. Tomlinson signed a contract for her services. She is an exceptional professional and hard working.

Victoria sent me a check for $3,000.00 as a deposit so that I would start the first issue. It was short of 50% but total pages were in flux... My fee in this case was page based. We were working along and then nothing, calls not returned, etc. The next call came from Rhonda Hall who was taking over... she forbade me to contact Victoria, and threatened some vague action if I did. So I didn’t. So we started again.

On 3/27 she gave me a completed edit page Ad page list and I began to paginate the magazine. On April 1st my wife died after a three year battle with Ovarian Cancer. Now Rhonda wanted the magazine immediately and wanted it to ship by mid April. I had received very little edit at that time. But by working night and day from April 2nd to April 20th I was able to make the adjusted ship.

As soon as I shipped the last page I was forced me to leave my home in Moorpark and meet her downtown at her hotel for dinner. She appeared only briefly and basically pawned me off on her family for most of the evening, while she retreated to her room and talked to the printer throughout the run. I received 1 copy of the magazine and was never paid the balance of my invoice. Melinda received nothing no sample of her work and not one penny.
The balance owed and unpaid to me by SDBW is $5,662.49

Before I was hired Victoria had me send my portfolio...see Victoria’s email below “Dear George: I hope all is well. Can you please send me a copy of your contract. In addition, can you please send a copy of the document and disc you sent to Michigan to the following individual in Texas. This package does not need to be sent via express mail. Please send your CD and document to: L. "Dusty" Tomlinson 6016 Forest Lane Fort Worth, Texas 76112-1060  Thanks much, Victoria....”

I can send my last email to SDBW which explains the charges to Loreane and Rhonda and my invoice if you would like to examine it.

I saved copy of all emails form everyone involved in the entire process. If you would like more info or clarification of a point, please feel free to contact me or Melinda.

Thank you, George Kenton


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