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The Union-Tribune, which has pared the payroll sharply in the last two years, today (Aug. 28) offered another buyout package to employees. Some are excepted. I understand employees have to make up their minds in a hurry -- something like three days -- as was true last year. I will have more details later.

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maybelar Sept. 11, 2008 @ 5:27 p.m.

Yes, you are definitely right...the way they present this VSP II (Voluntary Seperation Program II), this is what they called this program...is very unprofessional! This is a sequel to the Christmas Massacre 2007. There are lots of confusions going on in the workplace, a lot o questions.Because of the limited time they give to those who are qualified and do their homework and be able to come up to a right decision for their family is not enough. Again they used "FEAR" as their weapon against these new ordinary part-time workers. And they want to get rid of those people who believes that their basic human right is being violated every working days! All they want are new people here who doesn't know anything! They dont want any good worker in UT. They only want workers who are lazy & ass kisers who will protect their easy-paying job and put all the blame & workloads to these ordinary hardworking people. "Unbelievable...a very dirty game...a modern slavery in modern times...what a shame! They should know that by this time the silent majority knows everything what is going on! They just keep silent because they need to pay their bills on time. As they say "Is this the future of your workers?" " Are these things makes cents or are these really makes senses at all?" THEY JUST POSTED THE ANNOUNCEMENT LIKE AN ORDINARY WEEKLY WORK SCHEDULE!!!" Yah...we know they dont respect these people! I wish good luck to the future owner of this hundred year-old newspaper.I remind them "They are dealing with human beings & not colony of ants!~"They should be a good leader...in leadership "Communication is good but consideration is the best!" They can always ignore this but in reality this is the truth! Please stop brainwashing this poor workers.... we are in 21st century....wake up guys!



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