Street Lighting Concession Stalled (El Mexicano, 1/21/13 by Marco A. FLORES MANCILLA)

ENSENADA, BC - After canceling the contract for the replacement of 17 luminaries with LED lamps Councillor Alberto Moreno (Panal) presented before the Council today a proposal relative to the 20th City Council authorizing a halt by the regime for the concession of the public lighting service.

The proposal was made by the Coordinator of the Commission of Finance and Municipal Heritage and will be dealt with in Point 2 of the General Affairs Session of the Committee of the Governance and Legislation for its study and opinion.

Both commissions are responsible for determining the feasibility of the proposal, and to convene and secure bases, terms, conditions and expiration under which is a procedure can be granted as subject for the provision of the service.

Moreno Garayzar recalled that in July of last year the Cabildo approved "technological replacements for saving energy and elimination of light pollution in the municipality of Ensenada", looking for savings and to avoid light pollution. He explained that the City Council has no financial or credit capacity to fund the project, and therefore "should find creative mechanisms and try the project later or eliminate the topic".

Teachers Trained in Basic Education (El Mexicano, 1/21/13 by José JIMÉNEZ DÍAZ)

TECATE, BC - With the participation of 86 teachers including supervisors, directors and technical advisers who teach preschool, primary, secondary, special education and physical education, the State Educational System in Tecate, started a training course in curricular themes and social relevance during Technical Advisory Council Training at the Municipal Collegiate.

In a statement issued by the delegation of the State Educational System in Tecate, it commented that this training was prepared by a team of advisors who will provide instruction on January 25 where 1,152 basic education teachers of the municipality will attend.

Through this training course, it seeks to offer the sort of training that leading technical school councils have already instituted, so that during the training, all teachers can analyze the same topics with the purpose of unifying the professional development of teachers.

This strategy comprises of five modules of work distributed through the school year, with each including 6 hours in a face-to-face format and 2 hours of readings and supplementary tasks giving teachers a training course with a total of 40 hours. It is noteworthy that Baja California is the only State that offers this training that follows a strategy defined by the ESA aimed at raising the quality of education and improving the student test results.


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