Paving Work Benefits Mexicalenses (La Voz de la Frontera, 1/15/13 by Sac-Nicte Santos Malagón)

Mexicali, BC - More than 2,000 Mexicalenses will benefit from paving work completed by the Municipal Government on several streets in colonies Ampliación Solidaridad and Robledo.

Yesterday, the Mayor visited the work on bulevar Lorenzo López González, avenida Miguel Buenrostro and calle Del Saber in colonia Ampliación Solidaridad Social. It was noted an investment of 1.5 million pesos ($119,000 US), improved 7,440 square meters of streets that provide services to schools in the community. He indicated the economic pavement program aims to improve access to schools, in order to dignify the environment, prevent truancy, and complete the circuit of paved roads.

Work was also completed for residents in Cologne Robledo on several renovated streets including Guamúchil, avenida Aguacate and avenida Limón, at a cost of 1.7 million pesos ($135,000 US) paving 9,200 square meters. With this work, said the official, there are benefits for the quality of life of Mexicalenses, seeking to bring down the rates of pollution generated by the soil in the region.

Criminal Bands Migrate (La Voz de la Frontera, 1/15/13 by Adrian Gonzalez)

Tapachula, Chiapas - Carlos Rosales Amaya, Tapachula Municipal Public Security Secretary, revealed that operatives have detected criminal gangs have migrated from colony to colony and are feeling cornered, but he stated this will not be an impediment in continued public security operating costs. This was performed during the first 100 days of the Government in colonies of the municipality.

He explained the Secretariat of Municipal Public Safety (SPM) of Tapachula, has undertaken actions with favorable results and with the support of the citizens’ complaints. He added that although it is difficult if not impossible to catch these people that threaten the security of the population, as they have on many occasions.

"We cannot combat crime if there are no complaints, they must do so for officials to be aware so we can act in accordance with the law. There are rumors of this type of crime, but with a rumor the person can not be detained," he explained.

In this regard, he mentioned that it is precisely in these districts which are considered to have higher crime incidences and in each of them, the common denominator is the gangs, therefore it is important the population in general report them to number 089 anonymously, so at that time they can be placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor's Office and perform corresponding investigations.

He added there are indeed colonies with larger criminal incidents compared to others, however, if they can not be identified as out of control, which is to say "when signals of crime incidences are detected, they begin to fight over an area, what happens is that they migrate to other places to avoid where there are higher operating costs, but we can follow their tracks to the different colonies where they are migrating," he stressed.

It was recalled that at one time city officials acknowledged that criminal houses were abandoned and despite the few resources this administration has, they worked hastily to corroborate such opportunities and performed quality work at each of the houses. He explained more than 15 police surveillance locations were in terrible condition, now at least five are already ready to act as functions in an official manner, with the purpose of strengthening the security for the population that inhabit and visit this border town.


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