Crisis at SEMEFO-ENSENADA (MEXICANO, 1/15/13 by Pedro Sanchez Talamas)

ENSENADA, BC - "Criminal and inhuman" was the description made a few moments ago by all of the staff of the Forensic Doctor Service (SEMEFO) in this town. The fact that besides not having paid them the second part of their bonus yet, the first half of January paychecks were retained for 9 workers comprising the Ensenada unit that is formed by four medical examiners and support staff.

In this regard, the Coordinator of the SEMEFO-Ensenada, Chemist Ivan Lucero Romero, noted that due to this plight, they contemplated a work stoppage at 12:00 hours today, however, the authorities asked for "a period of half an hour" to solve the problem, but nothing was solved even at 13:30 hours.

They arrived at having a work stoppage in the SEMEFO and autopsies were suspended which could cause chaos understanding that staff working at SEMEFO are the only ones who you can perform the delicate and not so nice work.

Triplets are Born (MEXICANO, 1/15/13 by María Elena Diaz)

MEXICALI, BC - A new multiple birth was registered at the Hospital Materno Infantil (Mother and Child) Hospital in this city, this is the second birth for the young woman, 18 years of age, who gave birth to triplets. It is the third multiple births recorded at this specialized medical unit and was posted on Thursday, January 10, and was reported yesterday by the Director of the Hospital, Dr. Alberto Vázquez Guerra.

Accompanied by the Chief of Gynecology Obstetrics, Dr. Marina Montañés Hinojosa and the Chief of Pediatrics Service, Dr. Alejandro Reyes Spíndola, and the medical directors the details of the birth were unveiled. He said the birth was carried out with success thanks to the multidisciplinary team of specialists from the hospital.

He highlighted the clinic’s high-risk efforts, which is headed by Pregnancy Dr. Francisco Javier Meza Garza where the health of the mother was monitored. She was hospitalized for two weeks prior to the birth. For its part, the Gyneco-Obstetrics Service Chief pointed out that this is the second birth for the 18-year-old patient who presented with gestational diabetes; so coupled with her age, the multiple pregnancy took greater care. He stressed that both the mother and the three children, are in good health condition, although they still remain under medical observation.

The Chief Pediatrics Service mentioned the babies were born at 33 weeks which is a favorable period. The first child who was born at a weight of 1 kilo, 710 grams, the second at 1 kilo, 700 grams and the third at 1 kilo, 680 grams. The last is in intensive care and the other two are in the intermediate care unit.

He indicated that the third twin requires artificial ventilation which is working very positively and the other two will start their normal supply when they are through with protective antibiotic treatment. Vázquez Guerra, finally urged all women of childbearing age to consume folic acid daily and have prenatal consultations during pregnancy in order to avoid any hazards.


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