Woman Captured for Alleged Extortion (Tijuana Press, 1/5/13 by Nora Leticia Garcia)

Tijuana, BC - Linked with a case of extortion, Ministerial agents arrested Esperanza Noemi López González, a young woman, 19, originating in Nayarit, who allegedly tried to extort money from a woman after she stole her bag on January 1 when visiting relatives in fractionation Villas del Dorado. The victim had a bank card, several IDs, the keys to a house and a cell phone, as well as the laser visas for herself and her two children in her bag.

According to authorities the victim said that since she began to receive calls to her daughter’s cell phone where a person with a woman's voice assured her she would return the documents in exchange for 4,000 pesos ($312 US).

After becoming afraid, the victim filed a complaint with the Public Ministry and law enforcement officials implemented an operation in Plaza Paseo 2000 agreeing to deliver the money in exchange for the documents.

The following is the official report on the alleged extortion: THE STATE MINISTERIAL POLICE STOPS WOMAN FOR EXTORTION: Intended to get money in exchange for delivering laser visas of the offended and her family that had been stolen.

TIJUANA, B.C., 5 January 2013 - Agents of the Ministerial State Police (PME), said a woman not related to her committed extortion on Friday 4 January 2013. The detained woman responds to the name of Esperanza Noemí López González, 19, born in Nayarit and is unemployed.

She was arrested in the vicinity of the commercial Centro Plaza Paseo 2000, when she sought to receive money as the product of an extortion she forced from a woman whose bag she stole with different documents.

On 1 January 2013 the victim’s handbag was stolen in fractionation Villas del Dorado, while visiting family members. In the bag were various identification, a bank card, a cell phone and keys to her home, as well as laser visas for herself and her two children.

The victim said that since the theft, she began to receive telephone calls to her daughter’s cell phone number where a person with a woman's voice assured her that she would return the documents in exchange for 4,000 pesos.

When the victim decided to retrieve the documents, she agreed to deliver the amount to a place designated in a call on 2 January on a street in fraccionamiento Presidentes. However, at that place she found a hostile character who only had one document and demanded that she hand over the money, but the victim refused to hand over the money and walked out of the place without receiving any documents.

From that moment the victim continued contacting her via cell phone and the female voice demanded money or otherwise she would hurt her family, since she said she knew where they lived, and because they even had the keys of her home and all the information related to her family.

Becoming fearful by the continued calls, the victim woman decided to lodge a complaint with the agent of the Public Prosecutor's Office which implemented an operation to exchange money for the documents in Centro Plaza Paseo 2000.

As a result of the operation, Esperanza Noemí López González was arrested, who received the money and carried on her the three laser visas of the victim and her sons, as well as a red color bank card and cell phone.

To further the investigation and determine legal responsibility, ministerial agents made Esperanza Noemi available to the agent of the Public Prosecutor's Office of Property Crimes, who stated that she had the documents since January 1 from a person who she only knows as Vista who told her that a woman’s bag had been found with a few documents, and it was very possible to obtain money by threatening the owner. So she admitted she made calls demanding money in exchange for the documents. http://www.tijuanapress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8581:capturada-por-presunta-extorsion&catid=1:locales&Itemid=50


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