Mexicali Supply Expo is good showcase (La Voz de la Frontrea, 2/16/13 by Alejandro Domínguez)

Mexicali, BC - The next edition of the Mexicali Supply Expo will be a great opportunity to do business with other companies, and above all contact local suppliers, said the President of the Association of Maquiladoras of Mexicali (Ammac-Index), José Luis Fletes Torres.

On February 21, the third edition of the exhibition will be held to promote the local supply industry, which will take place in Parque Industrial Siglo XXI, where representatives of companies from all parts of the country are expected to attend.

"This third edition of the Mexicali Supply Expo could not arrive at a better time. It will be very important for the national supply industry and as we all know... we expect growth this year so when such events occur at locally, it is very important", he explained.

Currently 150 companies from the automotive, metalwork, medical, aerospace and food sectors, among others, will participate and with the promotion that is being made, more will be added, so manufacturers should visit and promote their businesses.

"This year we will add new production lines and many companies are growing; In fact, my company, Panasonic brings the slogan of delivering certain processes for painting and embossing procedures.” Through certain business agreements that we have achieved, we hope in time, to achieve even more", he mentioned.

No doubt this expo will benefit the local maquiladora industry. It is not the same as going into Tijuana or other types of exhibitions in Monterrey. This is why we are inviting all of the maquiladoras to come and send their people for purchases and planning, so that they can see what is available.

There will also be such companies as Honeywell, Skyworks, Goodrich and Newell Rubbermaid, which will show their products in addition to vendors from across the nation visiting this exhibition, so it will be a good opportunity for doing business, he said.

High pollution alert (La Voz de la Frontrea, 2/15/13 by Jose Mercado)

Mexicali, BC - The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched an alert to children and the elderly regarding high rates of contamination with so-called PM 2.5 and PM 10 suspended particles, mainly in the Imperial Valley, which lead to cardio-respiratory diseases.

The U.S. agency warned residents in the area about the problems this can cause, especially in older adults, infants or those suffering from cardio-respiratory diseases. PM 10 particles are known as pollution generated from the ground combined with air, in-turn producing dust storms, mainly in agricultural fields causing the aforementioned damage to health. On the other hand, the agency warned that PM 2.5 particles are those generated by carbon monoxides that also cause serious disorders to people's health.

In this situation, the United States EPA appealed to the population in general to refrain from outdoor exercising for a period of time. A document asks the population to not ignore these recommendations in order to avoid future health problems.

Care recommended for seafood (La Voz de la Frontrea, 2/15/13 by Alejandro Garcia Magallon)

Mexicali, BC - With the arrival of Holy week and an increased consumption of seafood products, the population is reminded to be careful in its handling and with food hygiene, since these are highly perishable products, so it is necessary to verify it is in optimal condition at the time of the purchase.

Thus commented the Secretary of Health of the Entity, José Guadalupe Bustamante Moreno, who explained that in the case of fish, it is necessary to verify that the scales do not shed easily; the eyes are clear - not cloudy or sunken; check that the gills are red and without a slimy appearance; it is not odorous; the surface is firm and pressure does not cause a sinking handprint.

In the case of shellfish, ensure that its smell is mild and fresh; products have a firm and shiny skin; the shell is complete and properly closed; heads and legs are attached to the body and they do not shed easily; there is no cloudy water in the packaging and the product is not lying at the bottom of the package.

He reminded consumers that fish and seafood must be well chilled over clean ice at the time of purchase and if already cooked, it does not emit a bad smell.

The State official stressed that Baja California boasts high quality marine products. As well the properties of seafood include good sources of protein and are rich in phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin A and selenium.


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