Students march against education reform (Tijuana Pres, 2/15/13 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC - The Secretary of Education in the State, Javier Santillán Pérez, criticized teachers who have taken their students from the classroom to demonstrate against education reform including weekend demonstrations.

"You cannot claim you are right by injuring children; it is an inconsistency", he told the National Union of Workers in Education (SNTE) and said the union is committed to not affecting students. He added the State Educational System (SEE) applied a partial reduction to teachers who did not report to their classrooms. Together with the federal Government the state is already working on an informational campaign to make it clear there is no intention to privatize education as it was claimed on Thursday by the Motion State Resistance (MRE), who headed the march along with the SNTE. "On the contrary, the reform has an objective to reinforce the quality of public education; if we guarantee the quality the public education, we must be in favor of reinforcing public education", he stressed.

As for a reform of the third article and the inclusion of the word "permanence"; when they talk about the purpose of exams for hiring and the ascent of teachers and professors he recommended waiting before expressing fears of being dismissed if they do not pass an exam. "This is not factual. Expect secondary laws that will define the rules, then it may be corrected through the national SNTE. You may show discontent with the content but do not interrupt education", added Javier Santillán.

SSPM rejects criminal impunity (Tijuana Press, 2/14/13 by Daniel Angel and Leonardo Ortiz)

Tijuana, BC - The Secretary of Public Safety in the city, Alberto Capella Ibarra, rejects the idea that recent public daytime homicides are a symptom of criminal commitment to criminal actions. "If they felt so, they would circulate in convoys. There would be kidnappings and other types of situations, but they are not taking such major risks," he said.

Last week a young man was killed before noon at the Delegation Center when I went to obtain gasoline, at the end of last week two people were killed in their home, and this Wednesday evening a man was gunned down in his car on the Puente Cuauhtemoc in the Zona Rio.

The latter case he referred to happened at a complicated time and for this reason police have made adjustments to cover this part of the city with police units that were assigned elsewhere in Tijuana. "We are not going to allow criminal organizations to use the City as a battleground, because we are finally ahead of serious situations where we live," he said.

The head of preventive security in the city insists that they have 60% effectiveness against the alleged perpetrators of high-impact crimes. The Secretary’s statements occurred after an event in which police were recognized for rejecting bribes.

Officers awarded for rejecting attempted bribes (Tijuana Press, 2/14/13 by SSPM Press Release)

Tijuana, B C - "Honesty has no price but it is of much value", said the Secretary of Municipal Public Security, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra, in delivering awards to 31 officers who rejected attempted bribes or participated in outstanding work.

He mentioned that the Municipal Police in Tijuana have established a benchmark in the State and other parts of the country "by their actions we have added a prominent dimension to values and legality".

In addition, he continued, "to recognize that in order to change a corporation, there must be a complete change of paradigms, the way of doing things, and this includes society", however "many critics of positive legal cultures dare not consider that citizens contribute to the acts of corruption and mistakenly think the problem are only a matter of money". He then emphasized "honesty is priceless but yes of much value, which is very different things".

Capella Ibarra pointed out "in the 20th City Council headed by our Mayor, Carlos Bustamante Anchondo, things have been placed in good order and we continue by their leadership in the same sense of giving recognition to the police who are deserving; within the law enforcement industry, the development of a culture of order, respect and legality is a task that does not and should not turn in reverse".

He added that "we are laying the groundwork so people have confidence and the police of Tijuana are comprised of the best men and women of the city". He said "If this practice of trying to bribe is reported and stopped, some citizens may miss it, because although many citizens are involved in the habit, many more want to abide by the law and its authority".

"To be respected police must start to respect themselves and their families, by not accepting, not asking, just getting the value they deserve through their heroic work. I can assure you that it is the biggest motivation to follow. It is the pride and honor of their families, because it is an honor to be a police officer," he concluded.

For his part the Director-General of Police and Municipal Transit, Francisco Javier Viruete Munguía, congratulated the winners and urged them to wear their uniforms with courage and carry out their work with pride and respect for society."


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