No risk in train derailment (Tijuana Press, 2/12/13)

Tijuana, BC - The City Government advised citizens following an incident that occurred yesterday afternoon in Cañón del Vaso de la Presa Abelardo L. Rodríguez when four cars of LP gas derailed on the train route, no danger exists and there was no collateral damage possible, since no leaks were detected.

The Director of the Fire Brigade, Carlos Martínez Duarte, reported that units of Stations Nos. 3 and 9, attended to the call for help around 17:30 hours on Monday, February 11. "Our elements presented to the place where the call was "made and after performing corresponding inspections, determined that none of the involved cars had leaks. It was for this reason that he chose to remove the teams who came to attend to the incident, as the situation represents no danger to the surrounding communities", said the official.

Carlos Martínez reported again today that fire personnel went to the area, made new inspections of the cars and train rails. "The crews have begun working to" return one car to the roadway; as for the three remaining cars, it will require special machinery from Riverside, California," explained the Director of Fires.

Carlos Martínez said that his units will remain in coordination with representatives of Vía Ferrocarril the responsible LP gas company since they visited the site to carry out inspections there again this afternoon, and they will do the transfer work tomorrow.

"We reiterate to citizenship there does not exist a risk of any kind", so as to avoid fostering collective psychosis, based on false alarms", concluded the head of the Firefighters.

Carnaval has "patriotic" flavor (AFN, 2/12/13 by

ENSENADA BC - The final parade at the Carnaval Ensenada "Festejos México" 2013, had a "patriotic" taste for the thousands of attendees who witnessed more than 40 vehicles and groups, which reflected various historical stages such as the Aztec Empire, the conquest and colonization, the second empire, as well as the wars of independence and the revolution.

The parade began shortly after 14:00 hours at Parque Revolución, went down Vias Ruiz and Virgilio Uribe, passing along the coastal way until it reached avenida Sanginés.

At the Marshal position was athlete Daniel Corral Barron, the only Mexican men's gymnast who participated in the London 2012 Summer Olympics and ranked fifth worldwide. Also highlighted at its first participation with a float was the municipality of Tecate.

Some of the issues that visitors enjoyed were: "Caravels", "Pre-Hispanic Gods", "Pre-Hispanic roots", "Pre-Hispanic Villagers", "Warrior Eagle", "Conquest", "Spaniards and Aztecs", "Tri-color", "Independence", "French", "French Intervention" and "Adelitas".

They were followed by "Mexican Revolution", "Bike Revolution", "Toys Mexicanos", "Mexican Sweets", "Ángeles de Independencia", "Mexican Architecture", "Catrinas" and "Mexican handcrafts".

Also "Cine Mexicano", "32 entities", "Mexican Music", "Fridas", "Dances of Worship and Rituals", "Pelea de Gallos", "Sugar skulls", "Day of the Dead", "Ensenada", "Piñata" and "Mexican Fiesta".

UABC recognizes graduates with highest averages (Frontera, 2/12/13 by Laura Durán)

TIJUANA, BC - This Tuesday, 423 UABC students were honored statewide as graduates with the best averages in their General Knowledge Exam for 2012.

The delivery of recognition for outstanding performance of Ceneval 2012 was presided over by Rector Felipe Cuamea Velásquez, as well as the directors of various departments, and was awarded to students with the highest scores on their examinations which reviewed learning they acquired during their school career.

Held in the gym at the Tijuana Campus at 12:00 hours, the event convened all departments of the campuses at Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada, as well as their families.

Cuamea Velásquez stressed that the UABC has worked hard not only to open more spaces to students but to also provide educational excellence, hence the UABC is one of the best universities in the country. The award, he said, is actually an accountability of students to themselves, their families and the University as they realize that they met, and met well.

"You have developed as individuals as the best of the best, the cream of the cream", he stressed as the laureates broke into applause with shouts of excitement. "They are not good because the document says that they are, because the Ceneval guarantees their quality, but also because they have worked hard to be better and be recognized", he continued.

The rector of the UABC invited the new professionals to maintain their passion and demonstrate excellence in their everyday performance. "Don't see why not, look how to say yes." Don't see problems as the problems of others, be a part of the solution, don't wait for a Messiah", he told them.

The event culminated shortly after 14:00 hours with the award-winners standing and giving applause to their families as a sign of gratitude for their support and assistance.


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