Molestation in Tijuana and Baja California (El Sol de Tijuana, 11/14/12 by Rocio Galvan)

Tijuana, BC – “Molestation in Tijuana and Baja California continues to increase; I know the authorities and society and the statistics corroborate it: out of ten children, three will be victims of this crime”, said psychologist Norma Torres of the Organization Manos Entrelazadas (Hands Intertwined). This Friday she will welcome journalist Lidya Cacho, who will deliver a lecture on tools to prevent sexual abuse and trafficking in la Trata de Blancas.

The professional, who is the author of three books, one to prevent the abuse of minors, another with the same theme in adolescents, and a third on violence in courtship, asserts that the only way to curb this "terrible statistic" is by educating children and talking about healthy sexuality. The presence of the journalist Lidya Cacho lends to these strategies, since she will provide workshops that provide exposure on how to directly prevent the violations and all about how to prevent trafficking in women.

According to Adriana Milanés, President of the organization that celebrates five years, said funds collected from the Conference of Cacho will be allocated to the printing of books of Norma Torres and increase the possibility of bringing sexuality workshops free of charge to all institutions that request them.

She even added the possibility of providing these workshops in the dynamics of catechism to prevent more children from being victims of this type of aggression applied to the Archdiocese, "We do not want more sexual violence against our children", and in that regard pointed out that in the municipality of Tecate one priest has already allowed them work with these tools.

Lidya Cacho, journalist, and author of "Los Demonios del Edén (The Demons of Eden)" has a group in Quintana Roo, where she resides, to assist women and children victims of sexual and physical violence. We believe the conference will provide much assistance to mothers of families, teachers and all teams of professionals working in our society to stop this problem, said Milanese

Violence Against Women Conference (El Sol de Tijuana, 11/14/12 by Rocio Galvan)

Tijuana, BC – With only a fact of a verbal threat or a single blow in a marital relationship, could allow a woman go to any court and process a protection order, a legal clause institutionalized since 2007 and used in many parts of the country as a very important measure to confront family violence. In Baja California, however, it has only been implemented by one woman in the town of Tecate where Rocio Morales Hernandez, a judge of the Federal District first criminal count in Mexico, is the defendant.

The Director of the Instituto de la Mujer (Institute of Woman), since October 6, Gloria Loza Galvan, announced in press conference, the Foro Las Órdenes de Presentación will announced the rights of a women in violent situations. There is a lack of knowledge about the situation of women in the legal situations and this month was chosen because November is when the international day against domestic violence is commemorated said the Loza Galvan.

The event takes place this Friday, November 16 at the Marriott Hotel. Access is free and it will attempt to make the protection order a common for use among women, and that judicial officials and civil society organizations will have the information at hand.

Gloria Loza said the protection order is valid for 72 hours and is issued by a public prosecutor. There are also places where the orders are valid for longer time periods, but we will have to work on this aspect. In countries such as Chile, there is a validity of up to six months.

According to the Director, since 2006 when it was founded, there have been 9,000 cases of women who have been victims of family violence. She added that 40% of females have had an episode of violence in their marriages or as couples, and in Baja California statistics have increased in recent years.


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