70% of Children have Oral Diseases (El Mexicano, 11/10/12 by Hilario Ochoa Movis)

TIJUANA, BC - 70% of children have oral diseases such as dental cavities and gum inflammation, mostly due to food consumption during school and a lack of hygiene or bad habits at home, reported the head of the ISESALUD Oral Health Program, Dr. Miriam Gómez Rodriguez.

She said that during National Oral Health Week, conducted November 5-9, in the jurisdictions of Tijuana, Tecate and Rosarito they carried out more than 90,000 exams at and away from schools, as part of preventive and curative oral health activities.

The basic scheme of prevention in dental health is appropriate to each age group. For example, the detection of bacterial plaque, instructions in the techniques of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with sodium fluoride, oral tissue information, a review of prosthesis hygiene instructions and instructions for the self-diagnosis of oral cavities were carried out.

Likewise, in schools, activities such as prophylaxis, orthodontics, topical fluoride and sealant application for pits and fissure were completed. An estimated 587 treatments were completed such as oral health exams, filling with amalgams and resins, healing with temporary material, temporary and permanent extractions, therapy pulp, x-rays, and oral surgeries, among other things. http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2012/11/10/628358/70-de-los-ninos-tiene-enfermedades-bucales-isesalud.aspx

School Evacuated due to Gas Leak (El Mexicano, 11/10/12 by Said Betanzos)

TIJUANA, BC - The escape of gas from a 45 kilo cylinder yesterday caused the evacuation of about 60 students in a Montessori school located on Avenida Las Palmas in the neighborhood of the same name. Around two in the afternoon a report a strong smell of gas was noticed in a home on the side of the school.

Fire brigade personnel arrived immediately and decided to evacuate around 60 students. They took all the children in a nearby house, while they verified the strong odor was due to gas in the area. They detected it was a home gas cylinder and decided to move it into the street. Municipal police officers blocked traffic in both directions.

Minutes after spraying the gas tank with water it was determined that it no longer held fuel, so they reopened the roads to traffic. The Fire Department reported there was no risk to the children, but decided to move them from the school since the leak was in the adjoining house. http://www.el-mexicano.com.mx/informacion/noticias/1/3/estatal/2012/11/10/628315/desalojan-escuela-por-una-fuga-de-gas.aspx


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