"Liquid Crystal" Seized (Tijuana Press, 12/28/12 by Nora Leticia Garcia)

Tijuana, BC – An SSPE operation seized approximately 38 kilos of "liquid glass", in real glass bottles. The State Public Security (SSPE) Secretariat reported two brothers were arrested.

Eduardo Villagómez Bermúdez, 22, and Melina, 32, were singled out by authorities as suspected members of the criminal group known as "La Familia Michoacana". According to the official report, the brothers, indigenous of Michoacán were transporting the dissolved drug in sealed liquor bottles.

In January 2011, municipal authorities released information that uniformed officers arrested three suspects’ subjects responsible for the finish processing of the drug in bottles of the traditional michoacana drink known as "Charanda".

On that date, the suspects allegedly stated that for five months they sent approximately 5 kilos of Crystal dissolved in the drink every fifteen days by parcel service from the bus station. Details are unknown about the operation deployed to apprehend the alleged Villagomez Bermudez drug traffickers, or how they were identified by authorities to make the arrest.

The 38 kilos of "Crystal" that was confiscated, according to figures from the SSPE, is equivalent to 380,000 doses with a street value of close to 19 million pesos ($1.5 million US).

In June of last year, after the capture of José de Jesús Mendez Vargas alias “El Chango”, in Aguascalientes by the Federal Public Security Secretariat revealed that Baja California was among the States where such a criminal organization had presence since 2007. http://www.tijuanapress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8530:decomisan-qcristal-liquidoq-en-botellas-de-cristal&catid=1:locales&Itemid=50

Kidnapped Young Man Rescued (Tijuana Press, 12/28/12, Municipal Public Security Secretariat Press Release)

Tijuana, BC - Municipal police officers arrested a young man of Chinese origin who deprived the freedom of a countryman. Among the captors was a young woman who sought to obtain $50,000. Yuan Jiaqi, 18, was made available to the agent of the public prosecutor of the common law for the abduction, and could also be consigned to the federal authorities for organized crimes. At 6 p.m. yesterday, the victim, 24, escaped from a hotel in Paseo del Pedregal in the Playas de Tijuana fractionation and requested the assistance of Municipal police officers assigned to that district.

It was noted that shortly before, the woman said, Yuan Jiaqui went to room number 24, as the victim prepared to finalize matters related to a trip he expected to take today. When they arrived, the girl surprised him with her accomplice, and then they bound and gagged him with adhesive tape. Then, they threatened his life with a knife and demanded his relatives’ phone numbers and planned to ask for $50,000 in exchange for the victim’s freedom without any harm.

While neglected by the couple, the young man escaped, arrived on the street and asked for the help of municipal authorities, who went to the room, where Yuan was seized, identified by the victim and even showed a photograph in which he appeared muzzled with adhesive tape. The girl said she and her partner planned to use the photo to place pressure on relatives of the victim to pay the demanded sum. http://www.bing.com/translator/?ref=IE8Activity&;


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