Teachers Protest Unpaid Bonuses (El Vigia, 12/12/12)

Mexicali, BC - What they consider an assault on the Magisterium of Baja California, Secretaries General of sections 2 and 37 of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), expressed outright disagreement in the absence of established payments and deductions in 1% of the payment of bonuses of approximately 50,000 of both trade union sections in the State.

Faced with this situation Union leaders Rogelio Alejandro Gudiño Valenzuela and José Alberto Martínez Carrillo, reported today, they will deliver a position to Governor Jose Osuna Millan showing the failure to the Magisterium, requesting an explanation about the error in payments for this December committed by the Secretaries of Finance and Education, as well as for the return of bonus retentions taken for the 20th of this month.

The leader of section 37 noted that in regard to these payments not being met by the authorities of the educational sector, because they are still paying them, even when trade union proposals were delivered on time this December.

He explained, the base is a proposed part of salaries for resignations, deaths or retirement promotions that have not been respected, thus the effort made by the Secretary of Education in the State is reflected as very poorly and not explained, since the resource should have been budgeted and this also affects section 2, he noted.

Coupled with the above, the payment bonuses were deducted as mistakes not because of absences, but medical disabilities. They were reduced as a proportion of the bonus, which "We consider an aggression, since this provision is untouchable and we should not be taxed," said Martinez Carrillo.

In addition, said the leader, "We were not notified, much less informed under which law or regulation they are applying these retentions of the bonus of our fellow workers that are 1% of more than 50,000 workers of both trade union sections."

In this regard, mentioned the leader of section 37, "Along with my ruling partner of section 2, in order to give peace of mind to our members, we demand a note clarifying what we consider is an error and also a refund of deductions for each worker no later than December 20 as a target date established for the payment of the bonus."

Otherwise, he warned, '”We will notify the Trade Union leadership that we will lead a fair negotiation and definitely have no provision that the bonus to be taxed, not today nor ever. It is the first time this happened. We do not understand the situation. Even less when we have had a good relationship of dialogue, pushing forward the educational process in a joint way. Also we have many things that are done illegally against workers and it is political. A relationship of good understanding should prevail with the workers and the employer", said the Union leader.

"Perhaps the Governor of the State is not aware of this situation between the Ministry of Finance and the Secretary of Education, where there is a person who is the architect of this, Édgar Ponce, who advises the Secretary, Manuel Francisco Aguilar Bojorquez, on educational matters of planning and finance. Such attacks are leading to jeopardizing a good relationship that we have had for years", said Martinez Carrillo.

Gudiño Valenzuela said, the discount applied to the education workers’ bonus and the decision was made by an Assistant of the Secretary of Finance without notice is inadmissible. "They made a government decision?" questioned the leader of the federalized Magisterium.

"We will carry out a review of this situation thoroughly and what the Government wants is to comply with the rule of law. In the same sense we shall fix our own actions, ask for the rule of law with the legislation regulating labor workers in sections 2 and 37 of the SNTE relations complied to 100 %", assured the Magisterium.

For example, he referred, in the case of section 37, the State Government breach as a constitutional obligation to provide housing and working relationships. In section 2, there are violations to not grant openings that correspond to Director assignments in more than 200 schools, just as they must make all the necessary movements and require teachers in every classroom of every school in the State and do not do so".

He warned: "Complying with the rule of law has always assisted us with reason. Everything I have said will be fulfilled," said Gudiño Valenzuela. http://www.elvigia.net/noticia/maestros-protestan-por-aguinaldo-incompleto


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