MEXICALI (La Voz de la Frontera, 5/6/11) - The young woman Leslie Karina was interned in the public prison for aggravated homicide of a family member in Mexicali. The charge was for killing her son who was allegedly born alive and then hit against the floor. She was released after her 23 years prison sentence was overturned by the Fourth Chamber of the Superior Court. Leslie was at the Center of Social Rehabilitation in Mexicali more than two years and was sentenced just this year. It raised a public stir by defenders of human rights non-governmental organizations who wanted it considered that the young woman suffered a miscarriage. At the time, the area solicitor in Mexicali, Maria Helena Andrade Ramirez, said the evidence he obtained from the public prosecutor, expert witnesses and Ministerial agents, found that the baby was 35 to 36 weeks gestation, weighed 2 kilograms and measured 50 centimeters. The forensic medical service said he was born alive and then killed in a violent manner. It could in no way be considered he had been born dead. Civilian organizations would see the case as a problem of reproductive health, not criminalization on grounds Leslie suffered vulnerability as a woman and the imposed sentence was out of proportion.

MEXICALI (La Voz de la Frontera, Gustavo García Rivas, 5/6/11) – The United commission of Justice, governance, legislation and constitutional points of the State Congress yesterday approved reforms to the law to simplify and make easier the process of divorce among couples. At a meeting chaired by the Deputy Montejano Juan de la Torre and in the presence of the majority of the members of both committees of legislative work, they adopted by majority ten reform articles repealing eight of the State’s Civil Codes. The initiative was presented by the Deputy PRI Laurencio Dado Alatorre and must be approved by the plenary and majority of the members to simplify the procedure for divorce. This is necessary without overlooking protection for children, as well as for the spouse who has spent most of marriage caring for the household. Through a simple procedure, separation is allowed to limit the possibility of harm to minors, because in the event of a dispute concerning goods, food, or custody of children, it would resolve in an incidental manner. This is a social representation considered by the Court, the system for the Integral Development of the family, as well as the family’s own matters. The court will take control of the matter and see the interests of the rest of the family are considered. If not the will of the parties will be fixed by mediation. The initiative opinion was approved by six votes in favor and one against. Mrs. Lizbeth Mata Lozano proposed withdrawal from the discussion for further analysis so unprotected children of the marriage are not left out. Nevertheless, the proposal was scrapped by five votes against and two in favor. For its part, the Alatorre member commented that it might vote at the plenary meeting scheduled for May 11 and said there is consensus among at least 20 members of the current legislative session. There is confidence the proposal seeks to avoid economic and emotional wreckage of families at a time of marital separation. "Now a couple can separate, but it takes months and costs at least $50,000 each. What we seek is to avoid is the wear and tear and a term of not less than 60 days for the judge to grant a divorce," he said.

MEXICALI (La Voz de la Frontera, 5/6/11) - A group of bicycle police made up of seven officers was activated by the municipal President Francisco Perez Tejada Padilla to patrol from the Plaza galleries area to the West side of the city. The Mayor stated that the group of bicycle police would bring security to places where vehicles cannot access. Virreyes among other areas have also requested a team of bicycle police officers to monitor the market area and give the community the security that it wants. For the citizens, seeing a police officer or a patrol always gives a sense of security. Perez Tejada stated that there were many requests by citizens to improve community safety. This is a commitment made by the municipal President and Marco Carrillo, director of Municipal public security. The municipal representatives said that they are already working on strategies for security and they have changed the way some offenses are processed under the new criminal justice system. He added that he is supporting the changes of the new justice system and has given instructions to work consistently together with other Government agencies. In addition, the first mayor thanked the support of businesses in the Plaza galleries and the WM corporate SA de CV for the bicycles to help with the patrol on wheels. Marco Carrillo, director of the DSPM, commented the bicycle police are a joint effort to increase vigilance in commercial spaces. For its part, the managing director of WM corporate SA de CV, Manuel Díaz Lerma, stated that security is a matter of a civil society, which is why he participated in the project and it needs to be replicated.


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